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Smother   Mathew Plale
Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball   Chris Bumbray
Smokin' Aces   Sturdy
Smiley Face   Sturdy
Smash His Camera   Chris Bumbray
Smart People   Mathew Plale
Smallville (S4)   Matt Hosack
Small Town Gay Bar   Quigles
Slumdog Millionaire (2-Disc)   Mathew Plale
Slow Burn   Jason Adams
Sliver (Unrated)   Matt Hosack
Slither   Sturdy
Slipstream   Jason Adams
Slingshot   Quigles
Sleeping Beauty (SE)   The Shootin Surgeon
Sleeping Beauty (PE)   Mathew Plale
Sleepers   Chris Bumbray
Slap Shot 2   The Shootin Surgeon
Slap Shot (SE)   The Shootin Surgeon
The Slammin' Salmon   J.A. Hamilton
Skyline   Jason Adams
Skyfall   Jason Adams
Sky High   Quigles
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow   The Shootin Surgeon
Skinwalkers   Jason Adams
The Skeleton Key   Sturdy
The Sixth Sense (SE)   Tony Pacemaker
The Six Wives of Henry Lefay   J.A. Hamilton
Six Feet Under (S1)   Indiana Sev
The Sitter   J.A. Hamilton
The Sisters   Scott Weinberg
Sinister   Jason Adams
Single White Female 2: The Psycho   Quigles
A Single Shot   Mathew Plale
The Singing Detective   The Shootin Surgeon
Singin' in the Rain (60th Anniversary)   Mathew Plale
Sin City (SE)   Jason Coleman
Sin City   Sturdy
The Simpsons Movie   Quigles
The Simpsons (S2)   The Shootin Surgeon
The Simple Life (S1)   Indiana Sev
Simone   The Shootin Surgeon
Silkwood   JaneBlo
The Silencers   Indiana Sev
Silence of the Lambs (CE)   Jason Adams
Signs   The Shootin Surgeon
The Signal   Sturdy
The Signal   J.A. Hamilton
The Siege (SE)   Mathew Plale
Sideways   Johnny Moreno
Side Effects   Mathew Plale
Side by Side   Chris Bumbray
Sid and Nancy   Jason Adams
Sicko   Sturdy
Shutter Island   Chris Bumbray
Shut Up & Sing   Mathew Plale
Shrink   Chris Bumbray
Shrek the Third   Mathew Plale
Shrek the Third   Sturdy
Shrek   Professor Steve
Showtime   Scott Weinberg
Showgirls (SE)   Johnny Moreno
Showgirls (Fully Exposed)   Mathew Plale
Shot in the Dark   Jason Adams
Shorts   J.A. Hamilton
Shortbus (Unrated)   Jason Adams
Shopgirl   Matt Hosack
Shooter   Sturdy
Shogun   The Shootin Surgeon
Shock Corridor   Mathew Plale
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows   Stephanie Cooke
Sherlock Holmes   J.A. Hamilton
Sherlock Holmes   Jason Adams
The Shepherd: Border Patrol   Jason Adams
She's the Man   Quigles
She's Out Of My League   J.A. Hamilton
She's Gotta Have It   Sturdy
Shaun of the Dead   Indiana Sev
Shattered Glass   Indiana Sev
Sharktopus   Jason Adams
Shark Night   Stephanie Cooke
Shanghai Surprise (SE)   Jason Adams
Shanghai Knights   Indiana Sev
Shampoo   Indiana Sev
Shallow Hal   The Shootin Surgeon
Shallow Grave   Mathew Plale
Shakespeare In Love   J.A. Hamilton
The Shaggy Dog   Sturdy
Shaggy Dog   Sturdy
Shadowboxer   Sturdy
Shadow of the Vampire   Dr. Drew
Shadow Man   Matt Hosack
Sexy Beast   The Shootin Surgeon
Sex, Lies, and Videotape   J.A. Hamilton
Sex Tape   Jason Adams
Sex Drive (SE)   J.A. Hamilton
Sex and the City 2   J.A. Hamilton
Sex and Death 101   Mathew Plale
Sex and Breakfast   Jason Adams
Sex & the City (S6)   Indiana Sev
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