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Battlefield Earth   Dr. Drew
Beastie Boys Video Anthology   Dr. Drew
Big Momma's House   Dr. Drew
Blow   Dr. Drew
Boogie Nights   Dr. Drew
Bring it On   Dr. Drew
Charlie's Angels   Dr. Drew
Chicken Run   Dr. Drew
Clerks   Dr. Drew
Close Encounters of the Third Kind   Dr. Drew
The Contender   Dr. Drew
Coyote Ugly   Dr. Drew
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   Dr. Drew
Dancer in the Dark   Dr. Drew
Dogma   Dr. Drew
Down to Earth   Dr. Drew
Dungeons and Dragons   Dr. Drew
An Everlasting Piece   Dr. Drew
Exhausted   Dr. Drew
The Family Man   Dr. Drew
A Few Good Men (SE)   Dr. Drew
Final Destination   Dr. Drew
Finding Forrester   Dr. Drew
Forrest Gump   Dr. Drew
Frequency   Dr. Drew
Get Carter   Dr. Drew
Ghost   Dr. Drew
The Gift   Dr. Drew
Gladiator   Dr. Drew
Godzilla 2000   Dr. Drew
Gone in Sixty Seconds   Dr. Drew
Hannibal   Dr. Drew
High Fidelity   Dr. Drew
Hollow Man   Dr. Drew
Jaws 2   Dr. Drew
Jurassic Park   Dr. Drew
Keeping the Faith   Dr. Drew
The Killer   Dr. Drew
The Legend of Bagger Vance   Dr. Drew
Little Nicky   Dr. Drew
The Lost World   Dr. Drew
Love & Basketball   Dr. Drew
The Matrix   Dr. Drew
Me, Myself & Irene   Dr. Drew
Meet the Parents   Dr. Drew
The Mexican   Dr. Drew
Mission to Mars   Dr. Drew
Mission: Impossible 2   Dr. Drew
Monkeybone   Dr. Drew
Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps   Dr. Drew
The Patriot   Dr. Drew
The Perfect Storm   Dr. Drew
Pitch Black   Dr. Drew
Platoon (SE)   Dr. Drew
The Pledge   Dr. Drew
Quills   Dr. Drew
Remember the Titans   Dr. Drew
Requiem for a Dream   Dr. Drew
Road Trip (SE)   Dr. Drew
Rules of Engagement   Dr. Drew
Save the Last Dance   Dr. Drew
Say It Isn't So   Dr. Drew
Scary Movie   Dr. Drew
Se7en (SE)   Dr. Drew
Shadow of the Vampire   Dr. Drew
Snatch (SE)   Dr. Drew
State and Main   Dr. Drew
The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not an...   Dr. Drew
Sugar & Spice   Dr. Drew
Superman: The Movie   Dr. Drew
Terminator 2: Judgment Day   Dr. Drew
Thirteen Days   Dr. Drew
Traffic   Dr. Drew
U-571   Dr. Drew
Unbreakable   Dr. Drew
Urban Legends: Final Cut   Dr. Drew
Valentine   Dr. Drew
Vertical Limit   Dr. Drew
The Virgin Suicides   Dr. Drew
The Watcher   Dr. Drew
What Lies Beneath   Dr. Drew
What Women Want   Dr. Drew
Wonder Boys   Dr. Drew
X-Men   Dr. Drew
Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece...   JaneBlo
Alice in Wonderland   JaneBlo
Bad Education   JaneBlo
Beaches (SE)   JaneBlo
Billy Madison (SE)   JaneBlo
Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary   JaneBlo
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason   JaneBlo
Charlie's Angels (S2)   JaneBlo
Chris Rock: Never Scared   JaneBlo
Cry-Baby   JaneBlo
Dazed and Confused   JaneBlo
A Dirty Shame   JaneBlo
Downfall   JaneBlo
Dreamcatcher   JaneBlo
Easy Rider (SE)   JaneBlo
Fast Times at Ridgemont High   JaneBlo
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