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Scent of a Woman   JoBlo
Scary Movie 4 (unrated)   Quigles
Scary Movie 4   Jacob Riley
Scary Movie 3.5   Sturdy
Scary Movie   Dr. Drew
Scarface (SE)   Jason Adams
Scarface (Limited Edition)   J.A. Hamilton
A Scanner Darkly   Aaron the H
A Scanner Darkly   Scott Weinberg
Say It Isn't So   Dr. Drew
Say Anything...   Chris Bumbray
Say Anything   Mike Sampson
Saw II   Jason Adams
Saw (SE)   Jason Adams
Saving Silverman   The Shootin Surgeon
Saving Private Ryan (SE)   Indiana Sev
Saving Private Ryan   Chris Bumbray
Saving Mr. Banks   Mathew Plale
Saved!   JaneBlo
Save the Last Dance 2   Quigles
Save the Last Dance (SE)   Quigles
Save the Last Dance   Dr. Drew
Savages   J.A. Hamilton
Sausage Party   Jason Adams
Saturday Night Fever (CE)   Quigles
Saturday Night Fever (30th...   Aaron the H
Sarah's Key   Jason Adams
Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic   Jason Coleman
Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause   Jason Adams
The Sandlot   The Shootin Surgeon
Sanctum   Jacob Riley
San Andreas   Chris Bumbray
The Samurai Trilogy   Mathew Plale
Samurai Jack (S1)   JoBlo
The Salton Sea   The Shootin Surgeon
Salt: Deluxe Unrated Edition   J.A. Hamilton
SalÚ, or the 120 Days of Sodom   Mathew Plale
Saint John of Las Vegas   Chris Bumbray
Sahara   Quigles
Safe Men (CE)   Jason Coleman
Safe House   J.A. Hamilton
Safe   Jason Adams
Sabotage   J.A. Hamilton
S.W.A.T.   The Shootin Surgeon
S. Darko   Jason Adams
RV   Matt Hosack
The Russian Specialist   The Arrow
Russian Dolls   Quigles
Rush Hour 2   Mike Sampson
Rush Hour   Daniel Rohr
Running With Scissors   Jason Adams
Running Scared   Scott Weinberg
Runner Runner   Mathew Plale
The Rundown   Indiana Sev
Runaway Jury   The Shootin Surgeon
Run All Night   Mathew Plale
Rumor Has It...   Jason Coleman
Rumble Fish (SE)   Scott Weinberg
Rules of Engagement   Dr. Drew
The Rules of Attraction   The Arrow
The Ruins (Unrated)   Jason Adams
The Royal Tenenbaums   Mike Sampson
Rounders (SE)   Johnny Moreno
Rounders   Jason Adams
Rosewater   Mathew Plale
The Roommate   Jacob Riley
Room 6   Jason Coleman
The Rookie   The Shootin Surgeon
Romeo + Juliet   J.A. Hamilton
Romeo & Juliet (SE)   The Arrow
The Romantics   Jaci Selby
Romancing The Stone (SE)   Jason Adams
Romance and Cigarettes   Sturdy
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired   Jason Adams
Rolling Stones - Shine a Light   Johnny Moreno
Rollerball   The Shootin Surgeon
Roll Bounce   Matt Hosack
Role Models (UR)   Sturdy
Rogue (UR)   Mathew Plale
Roger Dodger   JoBlo
Roger & Me   JoBlo
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection   Scott Weinberg
Rocky: The Undisputed Collection   J.A. Hamilton
Rocky Horror / Shock Treatment (SE)   Quigles
Rocky Balboa   Jason Adams
Rocky (CE)   Quigles
RocknRolla (SE)   Jason Adams
The Rocketeer (SE)   Jason Adams
The Rocker   Sturdy
Rock Star   Tony Pacemaker
Rock 'n Roll High School   JaneBlo
RoboCop Trilogy   Jason Adams
RoboCop (CE)   Mathew Plale
Robocop (2014)   J.A. Hamilton
Robinson Crusoe on Mars   Mathew Plale
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (SE)   The Shootin Surgeon
Robin Hood   George Merchan
Robert Rodriguez Mexico Trilogy   Jason Adams
Roast of Denis Leary   Johnny Moreno
Roadie   Chris Bumbray
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