JoBlo and The Arrow cover the San Diego Comic Con
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 Writer/director/actor Kevin Smith takes a minute to acknowledge JoBlo. He is hilarious, a class act and a dude I truly admire...
 Actor Vincent D'Onofrio offers a word of advice to
The Arrow, "Check out THE CELL in August"


The Arrow takes some time off to get choked by none other than Jason (Friday the 13th) himself, Kane Hodder
Wolverine was as nasty as they come. After promising to "shove his blades up JoBlo's butt", he reneged but let me take this pic with him
Let the panels begin! First up, director E. Elias Merhige talks passionately about his upcoming project SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE
Producer Jeff Most and actor Eric Mabius talk up the most recent
addition to the Crow series- THE CROW: SALVATION
The stormtroopers have arrived...
Boba Fett holds The Arrow hostage for smoking like a chimney
The Arrow escapes but JoBlo is cornered by a stormtrooper after he refuses to pledge alliance to George Lucas
X-MEN director Bryan Singer takes a few moments to
acknowledge the legion of comic fans interested in his autograph
The Arrow takes a break while jotting down some notes JoBlo has a couple of drinks in him and orders you to check out the rest of the pictorial

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1) Day by day coverage by JoBlo and The Arrow

2) EXCLUSIVE new scenes from HOLLOW MAN

3) SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE / Director E. Elias Merhige / Behind the Scenes

4) X-MEN / Director Bryan Singer / Q& A Session

5) CROW 3 movie reviews / Panel with star Eric Mabius and producer Jeff Most

6) Harry Knowles: who is he, where did he come from and how did he get so popular?

7) HOLLOW MAN featurette / Paul Verhoeven Interview

8) The Official JoBlo/Comic Con PHOTO GALLERY!!!

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