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by JoBlo

Glen MorganBefore the start of this panel, we were shown the world-premiere trailer of Jet Li's next movie entitled THE ONE, written and directed by the two guys on the panel, Glen Morgan and James Wong (writers/directors of FINAL DESTINATION).

Trailer description and review:
Well, I was going to try and get into more details about this trailer here, but seeing as we are in the age of the Internet and that the trailer is already out for everyone to see (click here to visit JoBlo's Movie Trailers and check out your own copy), I will just say that it looks pretty freakin' awesome with a lot of sci-fi, fights, thrills, Jet Li fighting Jet Li (?!?) and definite touches of THE MATRIX (but what film doesn't have these nowadays?). Anyway, you could check it all out for yourself but in my opinion, it looks pretty damn sweet.

Who stars in the movie?
Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham, Carla Gugino.

So what's this movie about?
It's a sci-fi thriller written as an original story by Morgan and Wong. The idea behind the film is that we each have a different "selves" in different universes who look exactly like us and are connected to us in some way. The thing is that when one of our "selves" dies in another universe, the power from that one is redistributed to the others left alive. In this film, one of Jet Li's "bad" selves discovers this glitch and decides to go into all of the other universes and kill his other selves, so that he could get the ultimate power (and he would be…I'm guessing…the one!). Kinda confusing but cool all at the same time.

Was this film written with Jet Li in mind?
No, it wasn't. In fact, it was originally written with The Rock (wrestler/actor) in mind. The studio had asked the duo to pen a film up for the man, but once it was done, Vince McMahon (of the WWF) and The Rock apparently passed up the opportunity and decided to do something else instead (I'm guessing that this was THE SCORPION KING). The main differences that the script incurred with the addition of Jet Li to the role was "less dialogue" and the addition of some Eastern philosophies from Li.

In FINAL DESTINATION, was the idea of an "invisible bad guy" there from the start?
No, in fact, when Morgan and Wong read the original treatment for the movie (originally entitled FLIGHT 180), the character of "death" actually had a hood and sickle. But they decided that it would be creepier if you didn't see "death" at all.

What is your writing process like?
The two guys apparently met in high school, right here in El Cajone. They also went to the same college in L.A., and started writing together directly after that. Their ideas come from every day circumstances, but they did admit to checking out the Internet chat rooms for the X-FILES TV show every week, in order to see what people liked/disliked/wanted/etc…

Were martial arts movies the inspiration behind this film?
Not really, since the original script was written with The Rock in mind and contained almost no martial scenes whatsoever. Although things changed drastically in that respect once Jet Li came on board. All of the action changed to martial arts and Li had quite a bit of input. In fact, he even comes with his own two body doubles (although Morgan said that Li's actions were always so much faster than his doubles, that it was actually quite scary).

So are the fight scenes in this movie going to be "old school" or special effects?
Well, considering that the main fight scene in this film has Jet Li fighting himself, they basically had no choice but to include some digital stuff. But as KISS OF THE DRAGON was more hardcore fighting (no digital), this one is more fantastical, so the use of effects makes more sense in a film like this. There is also some wire-work (like ROMEO MUST DIE), but since it's set in a sci-fi world, it also makes more sense here. Although it's not just that!

When is the movie set to be released?
November 2, 2001. Check out the trailer here…

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Another year, another San Diego Comic Con for the Arrow and I. Okay, so this year's event wasn't as exciting or interesting to us as the one presented last year (see our entire coverage of that event here), but I guess we did still have quite a few things to check out, as presented below:

The Spider-Man/ Sam Raimi panel:
Sam discusses the "Spider-Man" movie that he is currently directing, answers some questions and gives us all a sneak 5-minute preview scene from the movie in question...

The Kevin Smith panel:
Kevin discusses everything in his View Askew universe, talks about his upcoming movie "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", his future and even shows us some behind-the-scenes outtakes and more...

The John Carpenter panel:
Legendary director John Carpenter comes to the Con to discuss his latest horror flick "Ghost of Mars", answers some questions and gets dissed in the process...

The Planet of the Apes Q&A with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa:
Cary discusses Tim Burton's project and answers questions...

The Joss Whedon panel:
The man behind "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" discusses everything and the kitchen sink in here...

Glen Morgan/James Wong present "The One":
The men behind last year's surprise hit "Final Destination" discuss their upcoming sci-fi/thriller starring Jet Li and more...

The Mick Garris panel:
Director Mick Garris discusses all of his films including his TV version of "The Shining", "The Stand" and his upcoming Stephen King movie "The Talisman"...

Interview with David Naughton:
You might not remember the name, but you will definitely remember his part as the guy who turned into the werewolf in John Landis' classic film "American Werewolf in London". The Arrow interviews him here...

Misc. stuff:
JoBlo reviews "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and the "Movie Webmaster panel" while The Arrow reviews "Elvira's Haunted Hills" and the "Jason X" trailer...

The official / 2001 San Diego Con Photo Gallery:
Pictures from our trip to California for anyone who gives a shit...

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