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Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...Justin Long!

This is Movie Jail, a unique maximum security prison that houses some of the worst writers, directors, actors and producers from Hollywood and beyond. Their crimes? The offenses vary from convict to convict but most of these inmates have contributed negatively to the film world to some capacity* and his or her misdeeds have covered a long enough period of time that the authorities had...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Killer Joe, Total Recall, Resident Evil: Retribution ...

This week: A black Christmas with Killer Joe;  yet more Resident Evil; and the Total Recall no one remembers asking for. ► Matthew McConaughey pretty much ruled 2012, and KILLER JOE was his coronation. In this rowdy black comedy, he plays a Dallas hitman hired by a desperate gambling addict ( Emile Hirsch ) and his...
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Review: 10 Years

PLOT : On the night before their ten year class reunion, a group of friends gather to catch up on old times. During their celebration, they drink, they reminisce and they come to the realization that some scars donít heal as easy as they once thought. REVIEW : After a screening of the ensemble seriocomic reunion picture 10 YEARS, a colleague of mine mentioned that it was very well...
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Trailer for high-school reunion dramedy 10 Years with Channing Tatum and Rosario Dawson is surprisingly good

Now, I'm not saying this thing is going to win Oscars, but this trailer for 10 YEARS did win me over when I was expecting to roll my eyes from start to finish.  With an impressive cast and the whole "reunion" theme going for it, this one has certainly got promise, but only if they push it enough to get into that " BEAUTIFUL GIRLS " kind of depth.  Tatum is no longer on my...
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