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Face-Off: Blazing Saddles vs. Young Frankenstein

With the recent passing of the great Gene Wilder , fans all over the world have been looking back at many of the actor's classic performances and remembering the man himself. While WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY features, for many of us, Wilder's most cherished performance, there's very little you can compare that film with (including that unfortunate Burton/Depp endeavor from 2005),...
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The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Blazing Saddles

We have been experiencing some small technical problems with the chatroom. You can still access it easily by clicking the picture below and typing in the comment bar this command. /join #moviefancentral Sometimes we just need to laugh. And when I need to laugh, I go immediately to the master himself, Mel Brooks . Now, we have covered a Mel Brooks flick before, but this...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Mel Brooks

Last week, we took a look at the career of Russell Crowe , an actor whose presence or gravitas is unmatched. This week’s subject has his own kind of gravitas, albeit if you compared the two they couldn’t be more different. One thrills us while this week’s guy makes us laugh until it hurts. Mel Brooks     Nobody makes...
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Director Rupert Wyatt and Mark Wahlberg may team up for remake of The Gambler

I've got another remake for you guys, and it might be one that you don't mind seeing an update for. Paramount has been developing another go at 1974's THE GAMBLER which originally starred James Caan . The flick centered on Caan as "a college professor whose gambling addiction overcomes him even after he gets in big trouble with the wrong guys." The studio is apparently...
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Mel Brooks names his 5 favorite scenes from his own films. Okay, 8 favorite scenes

I recently watched the American Masters documentary on Mel Brooks entitled MAKE A NOISE and immediately wanted to go back and re-watch all of his films. The guy is so genuinely funny that it is a shame he hasn't directed a film since 1995's DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT. But, after winning more awards than any living entertainer (Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Emmy, and more), Brooks is...
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