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Awfully Good: Teen Witch

With a return to the world of Harry Potter this weekend, Awfully Good revisits our favorite movie about magical adolescents… Teen Witch (1989) Director: Dorian Walker Stars: Robyn Lively, Zelda Rubinstein, Dan Gauthier An awkward high school outcast gets magical powers on her 16th birthday and uses them for pure evil. Not...
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Cool Videos: A Supercut of Movie Scenes in Movie Theaters

When you go to a movie theater, somewhere between the 30 minutes of preshow commercials and 20 minutes of movie trailers, you usually get what's called a "Policy Trailer". These trailers are made by the theater chain to inform the audience what to do and not do inside their theater: no smoking, no talking, turn off your cell phone, etc. Whether or not the audience actually...
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David Fincher to direct pilot for HBO series about 1980's music videos

David Fincher is having a love affair with HBO. Besides developing a crime noir show with James Ellroy and directing the entire first season of an adaptation of the British drama Utopia for the network, The Wrap has learned Fincher will also helm the pilot episode for Living On Video , a half-hour series about music videos from the 1980s. Fincher will also executive...
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Cool Videos: Hilarious Siskel & Ebert Outtakes

I miss those lazy afternoons when we had only two channels, and I got wrapped up in watching SISKEL & EBERT. The pair had a terrific dynamic which is perfectly displayed in this video of outtakes from the 1980s. Here we see the guys doing promos for the show then it quickly turns into hilarious bickering (and not so playful), jabs at what happens when either enters a McDonalds, and...
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