Bungie unveils new Destiny 2 gameplay trailer!

So, I never played DESTINY, for a variety of reasons. There's the price, the fact it was practically unfinished and necessitated too much DLC and patches to be worth it, it had an uninspired aesthetic, and - honestly - I just suck at shooters because I have the hand-eye coordination of a baby with Parkinson's. So I don't know much about the story or how it stacks up to the original....
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Deadpool 2 set pics show off more Zazie Beetz as Domino

You know, I'm really liking the look they're going for with Zazie Beetz 's Domino in the upcoming DEADPOOL 2. She looks confident, sexy, and badass. My only real complaint is that if you're going to do the reverse-color scheme of the comics (which is fine), at least give her white lipstick as well. But that's a minor quibble. And before anyone brings up...
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John Lasseter reveals some new details about The Incredibles 2!

So after CARS 3, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and FINDING DORY, we're finally getting a Pixar sequel people want: INCREDIBLES 2! And while it's still a year away, producer John Lasseter was able to give some details to IGN from the D23 Expo, such as how it begins "a minute" after the first film: It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on...It starts...
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David Fincher confirmed to direct World War Z 2

So, like the headline says, it's been confirmed that none-other-than David Fincher is attached to direct the WAR WORLD Z sequel. This would be his first sequel since ALIEN 3 (where he also didn't direct the original). Now, his recent GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO reboot was supposed to lead to a franchise...but we all know what happened there. Confirmation comes from an...
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Josh Brolin shows off his guns (and not the firearms kind) for Deadpool 2

So after a long search, it seems that Josh Brolin is indeed going to be playing Cable in the DEADPOOL sequel. And he's apparently not taking that role lightly! While it isn't surprising, it seems Brolin is hitting the gym hard to get that inhuman Rob Liefeld-physique. No CG for this guy (that's for his other Marvel role). Anyway, here's an Instagram post...
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Cool Videos: Deleted John Wick 2 scene with more Ian McShane!

I'll admit I wasn't the biggest fan of JOHN WICK when it first came out (and I still have my qualms). While the action was good and stylish (and even better, unique in how quick and sufficient his kills were), it didn't gel with me. I think the main problem was that for how much the other characters hyped him up, Wick kept getting captured and needing to be rescued (which sort of ran...
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Injustice 2 reveals trailer for Fighter Pack, includes Sub-Zero

I've been excited for INJUSTICE 2 since it's been announced. I like fighting games, I like superheroes, I like when superheroes fight, BAM it hits all the marks. I even liked the first game as well. However, as the release for the sequel draws nearer, they're now advertising Fighter Packs. This first pack includes fan-favorites like Starfire, Red Hood, and......
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Flash gameplay trailer released for upcoming DC fighting game Injustice 2

I remember playing INJUSTICE at Comic-Con before it came out, picking Batman and whomping on some guy playing Superman. The controls were responsive, animations fluid, and it was just plain fun to play. I ended up playing it more once my friend bought it, but that first match might've been a fluke, as I constantly got my ass kicked afterward. But you know what? It was still fun as...
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Annabelle 2 gets new title and is now called Annabelle: Creation

During a CinemaCon presentation at the Warner Bros. panel, they revealed the new title for ANNABELLE 2, which is now ANNABELLE: CREATION. This probably means it's an - ugh - origin story. Here's what the director, David F. Sandberg , had to say about it on Twitter: Yes. I was fine with "2" but they said it implied more of the same, which it isn't....
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Ralph Breaks the Internet to be new title for Wreck-It Ralph sequel

I was blown away by the first WRECK-IT RALPH. When I heard that it was the " WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT for videogames ", I balked. Until I actually sat down to watch the thing. It certainly delivered on the hype, and then some - I was a bawling mess by the end of it. My only real complaint was that, being set in an arcade, it really limited the kinds of games Ralph...
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Rumor: Man of Steel 2 still a thing, Matthew Vaughn possibly directing

It sometimes feels like I'm one of the few people who not only liked MAN OF STEEL, but absolutely loved it (flaws and all). So it's exciting to hear that Warner Bros. still has some faith in the franchise, as reportedly work is being done to develop a sequel to MAN OF STEEL. Not only that, but there are rumors they're seeking out none other than Matthew Vaughn to...
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Jurassic World 2 director JA Bayona reveals first official pic from the film

If I had to rank the JURASSIC PARK sequels, JURASSIC WORLD would easily be on the bottom of the heap. Besides the WWE Dino tag-team at the end (which was indeed awesome-as-fuck), the rest of the movie was chock full of unlikable characters doing stupid things and being chased by dinosaurs that somehow look worse than they did over twenty years ago. And don't even get me started...
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