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Disney's Star Wars IX, Frozen 2, Indiana Jones & more all get release dates!

Quick, run to the "miscellaneous crap" drawer in your kitchen or office, grab your boldest Sharpie marker, and scribble the following dates onto your calendar! Why? Um, because The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm have announced a bunch of major upcoming release dates for several of their films including: STAR WARS: EPISODE IX the fifth chapter in the INDIANA...
5 days ago
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Brie Larson says it took a "really long time" to say yes to Captain Marvel

Some time ago it was announced that Brie Larson would play the stupendous hero, Captain Marvel, officially becoming part of this big, crazy Marvel universe and everything that comes with it. If she soars she will earn a shining spot along the halls dweeb-dom, with fans going as far as to tattoo her likeness on their back. But she didn’t exactly leap at the chance to take on the...
5 days ago
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Update: Carrie Fisher will not be appearing in Star Wars: Episode IX

Update : Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was asked about Todd Fisher's statement by Good Morning America today and said that " sadly, Carrie will not be in 9, [but] we'll see a lot of her in 8. " There we have it. Although Carrie Fisher had completed her work on STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI before her untimely passing, there was the question of just how...
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Dwayne Johnson confirms that Shazam and Black Adam will get separate movies

It's been a handful of years since Dwayne Johnson first signed on to play Black Adam, but progress on the film has been slow to say the least. Johnson's busy schedule is probably to blame, as the actor has more than a few projects on his slate, but it seems that there's finally been some movement on SHAZAM!. Earlier in the year it was rumoured that the project was being...
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The Godzilla: Monster Planet teaser trailer roars with great kaiju artwork

For several weeks now I've been wondering what Toho's planned Godzilla animated feature would look like, and now, we've got some details for you straight from the creative team that are helping to bring the giant lizard king to screen. Here's the thing though, I hope you were paying attention when listening to your Rosetta Stone Japanese language instructional...
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Straight Outta Compton's O'Shea Jackson Jr. in talks to join Godzilla sequel

After his STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON co-stars Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins were featured in the recent KONG: SKULL ISLAND, it seems that O'Shea Jackson Jr. might get the chance to tussle with his o wn giant monster as Variety reports that Jackson Jr. is currently in negotiations to join the cast of GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. Not much is known about the...
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Exclusive: Jay Baruchel on the strong story of How to Train Your Dragon 3

The weekly JoBlo Movie Show Podcast is home to the discussion of the latest movie news, reviews and more, but oftentimes we'll also be fortunate enough to have a guest on-hand to talk up their latest work. Earlier this morning we spoke with actor/director Jay Baruchel about his work on GOON: THE LAST OF THE ENFORCERS, the George Miller JUSTICE LEAGUE movie that never happened,...
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A Godzilla Anime film will roar onto Netflix later this year

I've got good news, my giant lizard-loving friends. As you may have noticed within these past few years, we've been living in what can only be described as something of a comeback era for Japan's coolest kaiju and city-stomping extraordinaire, Godzilla. In fact, with the release of KONG: SKULL ISLAND and Universal going full-steam-ahead with their...
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Vera Farmiga has joined the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Back in late January, it was confirmed that TRICK 'R TREAT and KRAMPUS director Michael Doughrety will be the man behind the camera for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. For a lot of people, myself included, this was a most-welcomed bit of movie-related news. Doughrety has certainly proven himself to be a man with vision, as evidenced by his holiday-horror flicks that have both...
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Brie Larson shares what Captain Marvel means to her

With half-a-dozen Marvel Cinematic Universe movies set to land between now and 2019, CAPTAIN MARVEL still feels quite a ways off, but anticipation is high and many, including myself, are pumped to see what Brie Larson can do with the role. While on the press-tour for KONG: SKULL ISLAND, Larson spoke with IGN and was asked why she believes that Captain Marvel is such an important...
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Kyle Chandler joins Godzilla 2; Alfie Allen signs up for The Predator

Just yesterday Shane Black shared the first cast-photo from THE PREDATOR, the upcoming sequel which will bring one of the galaxy's most fearsome hunters to our world once again. Sterling K. Brown , Trevante Rhodes , Boyd Holbrook , Olivia Munn , Keegan-Michael Key and Jacob Tremblay are already part of THE PREDATOR cast and now THR reports that Alfie Allen (Game of...
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Rumor: Lights Out director David F. Sandberg in talks to helm Shazam!

Though the DCEU is having a bit of bad luck with losing BATMAN directors left and right , a little bit of sunshine has just peaked through their rain cloud. That little ray comes in the form of David F. Sandberg , who is rumored to be in talks to take the gig to bring the mighty SHAZAM! to the big screen. The Wrap reported that the LIGHTS OUT director is in talks to helm the...
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