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2017 20th Century Fox Preview

20th Century Fox is riding high after a massive 2016 that featured their breakout hit DEADPOOL. While not receiving quite the critical acclaim of that film, Fox still managed to make money on X-MEN: APOCALYPSE as well as the long awaited sequel INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. Fox also banked on their collaboration with DreamWorks Animation with hits TROLLS and KUNG FU PANDA 3. All of this...
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Set Visit: Andy Serkis & Terry Notary Talk War for the Planet of the Apes

Above my head and all around us, the grey, cloud-choked sky began to darken. Then, in what precious light was left in the evening sky, I saw what looked like two humanoid robots making their way toward the sanctuary of our heated press tent. With cheshire grins stretched across their dotted faces, actors Andy Serkis and Terry Notary arrived in full motion capture regalia. As they each...
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Set Visit: Dylan Clarke & Karen Konoval Talk War For the Planet of the Apes

It's a still and gray afternoon in Vancouver, British Columbia. As I exhale, I see spiraling ghosts of precipitation escape my lips with every breath. All around me the air smells like a combination of drenched pavement, freshly baked bread, and the burning of oil. I can hear the mechanical chatter of gears as workmen navigate cranes several of which are carrying a green canvas the...
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Set Visit: Everything You Need To Know About War For the Planet of the Apes

Rebooting a franchise can often be a tall order, particularly when launching your project in a time when anything that evokes nostalgia will be scrutinized harshly by the very audience you’re hoping to entertain. Most days, all it takes is a few images of concept art, alternate castings, or the announcement of re-shoots for fans to ‘release the hounds’ by expressing...
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Adam McKay is finally getting to make a superhero movie in Irredeemable

When Edgar Wright parted ways with Marvel Studios on ANT-MAN, Adam McKay was one of the directors in the conversation to fill that void and helm the project. That responsibility ultimately went to Peyton Reed with McKay contributing some work to the reshaped script that fit more in line with Marvel's vision.  But now, thanks to 20th Century Fox, McKay gets to...
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Editorial: Why studios are backing out of Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con

Another major studio has chosen to bite the dust when it comes to making a big Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. According to The Wrap, this year it's 20th Century Fox who has chosen to bow out of the preceedings, and it's not because they don't have a wealth of films they could easily roll out to generate some friendly fan buzz in the months ahead. It's...
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Fargo creator Noah Hawley to helm sci-fi pic Man Alive

According to Deadline , 20th Century Fox has set Fargo creator Noah Hawley to direct MAN ALIVE, an "elevated sci-fi" flick based on a spec script by newcomer Joe Greenberg. That's about it for details on the planned film, but the studio must have read something they liked since they reportedly purchased Greenberg's spec script in a six-figure deal. Hawley,...
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Kenneth Branagh to direct and star in Murder on the Orient Express

This summer it was reported that Kenneth Branagh was in talks to direct an adaptation of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" for Twentieth Century Fox. The studio has now confirmed that news, but not only will Kenneth Branagh be filling the directors chair, he'll also be starring in the film as famed detective Hercule Poirot. Michael Green...
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James Cameron is getting Robert Rodriguez to direct Alita: Battle Angel

James Cameron is too busy spending his time in Pandora to ever direct BATTLE ANGEL ALITA. It doesn't matter how much he's been intrigued by the manga graphic novel series from Yukito Kishiro. He's got AVATAR sequels out the wazoo for the next few years that it never appeared to be destined for his front burner. But he could always produce and hand the property off to...
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Rio director Carlos Saldanha to helm live action monster movie Shadows

20th Century Fox has purchased the pitch for a potential three film franchise entitled SHADOWS and they have set animation director Carlos Saldanha to direct. The treatment for SHADOWS has been buzzing in Hollywood and comes from writer Jason Micallef . There is no word on the plot of the film aside from that it will be a blend of CGI and live action and focus on monsters and...
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Kenneth Branagh in talks to helm Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" remains one of the author's most popular novels and 20th Century Fox has been slowly working away on an adaptation of the novel for several years. Ridley Scott , Mark Gordon, and Simon Kinberg will be producing with Michael Green , who has penned the new BLADE RUNNER film, is working on writing the adaptation of...
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20th Century Fox to make all future movies Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range

The next battle in the Format Wars is heating up as the first film studio has committed to a particular successor to Blu-ray. 20th Century Fox has announced that all of their future film releases will be released in Ultra High Definition (UHD) with High Dynamic Range (HDR). With the prevalence of 4K televisions on the rise, Fox has set the bar for everyone to follow suit. They will also...
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