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C'mon Hollywood: Is Hollywood going to start being Made in China?

If you look around your surrounding area right now, chances are there are five or more things with a stamp or sticker on them that say Made in China. It’s not uncommon, as China is the largest economic power in the world and continues to grow. I’m not even going to attempt to get into socioeconomic global politics, but there are certain moves being made these days that cause...
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The Price of Foreign Funding: Why 21 And Over will be a very different film for Chinese audiences

I don't think anyone is anticipating an emotional coming-of-age drama from this week's 21 AND OVER, starring Miles Teller , Skylar Astin , and Justin Chon .  Far from it.  Coming from the creators of THE HANGOVER, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore , there's little doubt that this college-age version will amount to much more than some raunchy humor and drunken stupidity.  And,...
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Review: 21 and Over

PLOT: On his 21st birthday, Jeff Chang ( Justin Chon ) is surprised by his long-estranged best friends from high-school, the uptight Casey ( Skylar Astin ) and the laid-back, easygoing Miller ( Miles Teller ). The two take him out for a night of drinking, with the promise that they'll have him home, safe and sound, for an early night of rest so he can nail his...
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New trailer for 21 and Over, from the writers of The Hangover, want you to get your Jeff Chang on

From writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore , the duo behind THE HANGOVER and many other raucous comedies, comes another entry into the wild teen party genre with 21 AND OVER.  This new trailer for the film puts the focus squarely on Jeff Chang ( Justin Chon ), who seems to be the punchline of the whole thing.  His two "friends" ( Skylar Astin , Miles Teller ) seemingly...
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The trailer for 21 and Over is here; Rejoice if you must

Call me a crusty old curmudgeon, but the new trailer for 21 AND OVER looks so washed over and played out that it may actually be HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, PROJECT X, and all the AMERICAN PIE straight-to-video sequels spliced together.  I'm not sure I saw one frame of new footage.  Regardless, there's an audience for these "crazy young kids living it up by tearing everything down"...
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