God's Not Dead 3: A Light in Darkness reveals new cast and plot details

I love the GOD'S NOT DEAD films. They are batshit insane, with atrocious production values, awful acting, and terrible plots that rival Tommy Wiseau and Neil Breen joints. It must be noted this isn't anything against religious films (many of the best films have religious themes - go see Martin Scorsese 's SILENCE if you haven't already), just these films...
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Sylvester Stallone already hard at work for Escape Plan 3

So ESCAPE PLAN 2 is almost finished shooting, and it must've been a good shoot because star Sylvester Stallone is ditching EXPENDABLES and jumping straight onto ESCAPE PLAN 3. I guess this is great news to the dozens of people who enjoyed ESCAPE PLAN. No word on if Dave Bautista (who is Stallone's co-star in 2) will be back, or if Schwarzenegger will make an appearance, or if...
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Review: 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom

PLOT:   Frankie (Charlie Hunnam), a struggling writer, has spent his life being tortured and humiliated by his older brother, Bruce (Chris O’Dowd), a drug-addicted aspiring filmmaker with a warped conscience.   Living alone in the desert, Frankie is trying to stay away from his family and get his life together after a nasty revelation at his wedding (which was recorded...
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Crazy trailer for 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom with Charlie Hunnam, Chris O'Dowd, and Ron Perlman arrives

The first full trailer for the oddball comedy 3, 2, 1...FRANKIE GO BOOM (formerly titled just FRANKIE GO BOOM) has arrived and is pretty much what I anticipated when I first heard about the film.  And that's a good thing.  Written and directed by Jordan Roberts (AROUND THE BEND) the pic stars PACIFIC RIM headliner Charlie Hunnam and BRIDESMAIDS Chris O'Dowd, with a supporting...
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