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Hulu is developing VR shows, holodecks still a Pipe Dream

Virtual Reality (or VR) is a thing now, and that's awesome. While it's in its early stages, the demos that have been shown in the gaming world, as well as concert (and porn) videos, shows that the new technology has potential. We're not able to use a holodeck to  shoot Borg with machine guns yet, but it's a start.  Hulu is also trying to capitalize on...
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Review: 360

PLOT: A large, disparate group of people from various countries experience love, heartbreak and destiny over the course of several days while crossing one another's paths. REVIEW: Director Fernando Meirelles tackles romance and fate in the new drama 360, which features a very lovely international cast that including Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Maria Flor, Ben Foster and Rachel...
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