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Lady Gaga may join Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born remake

Last month a report surfaced that Bradley Cooper was courting Lady Gaga for his A STAR IS BORN remake, and now Deadline has learned that singer/actress is officially in talks to join the project. According to the site, the pair tested and Warner Bros. "loved the results." If Gaga does sign on (and it seems like she will), she'll star opposite Cooper, who...
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Bradley Cooper to direct remake of A Star Is Born; wants Beyonce to co-star

Every actor seems to want to step behind the camera at some point and if you’re a big enough star, they might just let you. Deadline is reporting that Bradley Cooper is set to make his feature directorial debut with a remake of A STAR IS BORN. The actor is currently negotiating with Warner Bros but once the deal is done they’re hoping they can also get the three-time...
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Beyonce drops Clint Eastwood's A Star is Born

I must say, I'm a little pleased hearing this news. Not that I have a problem with Beyonce Knowles, I think she's probably a lovely human being. However, her "acting" is just too much for me. I often feel like she is trying too hard during a performance. Maybe it's the overachiever in her. This all leads me to tell you that Beyonce has dropped the leading role in Clint...
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