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Toy Fair 2017: Massive Gallery of Pics! Justice League! Guardians 2! & more!

Toy Fair 2017 is just wrapping up here in NYC, and the other day I was able to stroll the halls of the Jacob Javitz Center and snap a few pics (well, over 100) of all the cool upcoming movie and TV-related toys and figurines that will be gracing shelves soon. There are a lot to get to, so let's jump in. Almost all of these figures will be available at some point later this year,...
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Funko to release both Pop! and action figures for Twin Peaks revival series

If you would have told me that, when I’d taken this job, I’d be writing so many articles about upcoming Funko Pop! Figure releases, I would have never believed you. I love this stuff. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, my wife and I own a combined total of nearly 200 of these things, and we just rented a 3 story house in which to display even more of them!...
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I Want That: HBO and McFarlane Toys team up to create Game of Thrones sets

If you're done reeling over the events of season 5 finale of Game of Thrones (relax, I wont spoil it here), you can now set your sights on crafting your own mini-Westeros. HBO has partnered up with McFarlane Toys to bring construction sets and characters with all the detail you would come to expect. On the docket for release is the Iron Throme Room, a Mother of Dragons set and an Attack...
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New York Comic Con! Best of Collectibles gallery!

New York City Comic Con 2014 is now officially over, and the folks who set up kiosks on the show floor have enjoyed you and your wallets thoroughly! Looking around, there is no doubt that many of the sellers who stock sweet toys, figures, and statues, came armed to the teeth and were ready to sell you their fine wares. They've had it all: Batman, Alien, Gundam, Firefly, Harry Potter; the...
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I Want That: Giant 15 inch tall Xenomorph Queen figure from NECA

NECA has revealed images and details for their latest badass figure: an enormous Xenomorph Queen that is over 15 inches tall and over 30 inches long. The figure was created in honor of the 35th anniversary of the Alien franchise, and is based on the creature's appearance in James Cameron 's ALIENS. In my opinion the figure is absolutely gorgeous, as well as a little...
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I Want That: Unique action figures for classic movies like Taxi Driver, Highlander, Cobra, and more!

I love the McFarlane Toy lines for movies you would never otherwise get action figures for. They are the bright spot for movie fans who don't want to shell out hundreds of bucks for maquettes and busts for movies. But, McFarlane can only make a finite amount of creations. FearNet found these custom toys on eBay courtesy of Old Colony Hobbies. These all appear to be made by hand...
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I want that: Breaking Bad Action Figures

Yeah, bitch! BREAKING BAD action figures! I've got my fair share of action figures, and I would love nothing more than to have my very own Walter White/Heisenberg. TrevorGrove of DeviantArt and a couple of his friends are the ones responsible for these wonderful, wonderful things. This is what he had to say about creating the ultimate meth king (though he ain't no Jesse James):...
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