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The full-length version of Adele's Skyfall theme is here!

The response to the small snippet of Adele's theme for SKYFALL really had some positive reactions. I received some emails and messages from schmoes and my online friends saying that they loved what they had heard so far. For those of you who enjoyed it, you will be happy to know that the full-length version has finally dropped. A video complete with lyrics comes thanks to The...
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Prepare to be wowed when you listen to this snippet from Adele's Skyfall theme

Not only are people anticipating, SKYFALL, the next Bond film from Sam Mendes, they are also a little excited to hear Adele's theme. While the song in its entirety will not be online until October 5th, a snippet has somehow found its way online for the listening pleasure of all. Is it good? I've listened to this nearly one minute and twenty-nine second clip several times now if...
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