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"Super violent" Castlevania series in the works from producer Adi Shankar

Yesterday on his Facebook, DREDD and "Bootleg Universe" shorts ( The Punisher: Dirty Laundry , Power/Rangers , etc.) producer Adi Shankar announced that he will be producing a "super violent" Castlevania miniseries with Frederator Studios' (Adventure Time, The Fairly OddParents) Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. Shankar says "It’s going to be dark,...
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Dredd producer Adi Shankar to helm Watchmen-like Gods & Secrets for HBO

Producer Adi Shankar is set to make his directorial debut with a dark superhero drama for HBO titled Gods and Secrets . Besides producing feature films like DREDD, LONE SURVIVOR and KILLING THEM SOFTLY, Shankar was also behind the "Bootleg Universe" shorts, such as The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (video below), Venom: Truth in Journalism , and Power/Rangers . Gods and...
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Adi Shankar tells us what needs to happen before we see a sequel to Dredd

Despite so many movie fans loving DREDD and trying to get the word out, the likelihood of a sequel is almost non-existent. DREDD was made on a budget of $50 million, not huge in the grand scheme of blockbusters, but it only managed to rake in $35.6 million…worldwide. That’s not a very good incentive for producers to get a sequel made. Adi Shankar, who’s been in...
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Cool Videos: Gritty R-rated Power Rangers short starring James Van Der Beek

DREDD and THE GREY producer Adi Shankar has released another one of his "bootleg" fan films. This time it's a badass 14-minute short based on the Power Rangers franchise, directed by Joseph Kahn (DETENTION, TORQUE) and starring James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff . Before checking it out though, you should know Kahn isn't involved with the planned reboot , and...
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Full trailer for the Adi Shankar produced Judge Dredd: Superfiend series

Yesterday we showed you the teaser trailer for producer Adi Shankar‘s unofficial bootleg animated series JUDGE DREDD: SUPERFRIEND . Today we have the full trailer courtesy of Shankar who provides a brief message explaining why this awesomeness has happened. If you’re a fan of the original comics or the most recent film, I think this is something that could please...
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Teaser trailer and images for the Judge Dredd: Superfiend animated series

While there is still a chance we will someday see a big-screen sequel to 2012’s underappreciated DREDD, producer Adi Shankar has something else for now that should satisfy fans. Judge Dredd: Superfiend is an “unofficial” animated spin-off based on one of the most popular storylines in the character’s 30-plus-year comic book history. Superfiend brings in Judge...
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Cool Videos: Truth in Journalism short starring Ryan Kwanten reveals a "marvelous" surprise

Okay, so this is probably the coolest thing you're going to see all day, short of some massively awesome new trailer or epic news. Some of you may remember producer Adi Shankar's "bootleg" short DIRTY LAUNDRY from last year, which starred Thomas Jane as The Punisher, but in an uncredited way. It was a really cool, inventive, and clever short that basically used the Marvel brand without...
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According to producer Adi Shankar, Dredd 2 is probably not happening

You saw DREDD 3D-- it was pretty cool, right? Maybe better than you were expecting? Well I'm here to tell you not to hold out any hopes for a sequel. Producer Adi Shankar did a Reddit IAmA last week, and one of the top questions asked had to do with a follow-up for DREDD. Here's the bulk of what was said on the subject: Probably not. But I am working on a Dredd short in...
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Rob Liefeld's Bloodstrike to get the big screen treatment from producers of The Grey

Rob Liefeld's BLOODSTRIKE has found a home with Adi Shankar's 1984 Private Defense Contractors production company, who co-financed THE GREY, MACHINE GUN PREACHER, and the upcoming KILLING THEM SOFTLY.  So, the point is, this seems legit.   BLOODSTRIKE, based on the Image comic launched in 1993, tells the story of a "Bloodstrike" unit, which consists of soldiers who have been...
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