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The NSFW teaser for Gaspar Noe's Love shows everything but the money shots

A couple of months ago, we saw a pretty NSFW poster for Gaspar Noe 's LOVE. The 3D film debuted at Cannes this year with many critics saying it was not much more than an artsy porn film. Being the respectable publication we are, we of course are tracking the film as it readies itself for release. So, it is our duty to share the first teaser trailer for LOVE. It goes without saying...
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Ink & Pixel: Heavy Metal

Ink & Pixel is a source of pride and joy for me as a writer and as such, Iím always striving to take this column further for those who read and enjoy it. If you yourself, or anyone you know, helped to make any of the amazing feature animated films found within this column, I would love to talk to you to further my knowledge. Please contact me at so we can...
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Gus Van Sant wants to direct Fifty Shades of Grey so badly that he filmed a test sex scene starring Alex Pettyfer

Well, this is an interesting way to apply for a job. Renowned director Gus Van Sant really wants to direct the big screen version of the bestselling novel FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. He wants it so bad, in fact, he just filmed a test scene with MAGIC MIKE actor Alex Pettyfer as the lead character Christian Grey. According to The Wrap , this was not paid for by Universal and was Van...
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Hacked documents claim Emma Watson as the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, this is one way to break yourself out of being typecast. After a massive hacking job stole several sensitive documents from various celebrities recently, I was waiting for some more Scarlett Johanssen style nude selfies to pop up online. Instead, we get the news that Emma Watson is the likely lead in the big screen adaptation of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. The documents surfaced from...
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