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Review: Aftershock

PLOT : It is one gigantic party when a trio of fellas find themselves searching for loud music, lots of alcohol and a bevy of beauties in Chile. They find what they are looking for but when a massive earthquake hits and leaves the city in shambles, they must find a way to survive from impending doom, destruction and death. REVIEW : There is some serious tension that is brewing...
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The red band trailer for Aftershock features T&A, gore, and a tsunami

We haven't had a fun disaster movie in a long time. Gone are the days of THE TOWERING INFERNO or EARTHQUAKE. In recent years, the disaster movies have been more fact-based like THE IMPOSSIBLE or action epics like THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. What we need is a good, gory disaster movie. In comes Eli Roth and director Nicolas Lopez with AFTERSHOCK. Last year we got the green band...
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Have a bloody Christmas Eve weekend with the trailer for Eli Roth's Aftershock

Eli Roth feels like he has been missing in action for a while. He has not directed a movie since 2007 and has only made sporadic acting appearances since INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. While he is currently filming his return to directing, THE GREEN INFERNO, he took time out of his busy schedule to script and star in AFTERSHOCK for Chilean director Nicolas Lopez. AFTERSHOCK has a basic...
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Review: Aftershock (TIFF 2012)

PLOT: An American tourist (Eli Roth) partying in Chile with his two buddies, finds himself trapped in a coastal town hit by a terrible earthquake. Making matters worse, the inmates of the local prison escape in the chaos, and take to the streets with guns and an appetite for carnage. REVIEW: Of all the films to play Midnight Madness at TIFF this year, AFTERSHOCK's the...
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