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The Game of Thrones IMAX engagement gets a kickass theatrical trailer

With fan anticipation mounting for the upcoming IMAX release of the final two episodes of GAME OF THRONES' fourth season, a new theatrical trailer has debuted touting the historic first time a television show has been shown in the large screen format. The trailer doesn't offer anything new aside from showing us just how awesome GAME OF THRONES would look if it were a series of feature...
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Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season on DVD and Blu-ray is coming

I'm ashamed to say that I'm still way behind on "Game of Thrones." I bought the first season on Blu-ray nearly a year ago, watched and utterly loved the first two episodes, and have been distracted by everything else ever since.  That's not a knock on the show's quality in any way, shape, or form though - I just, for better or for worse, haven't had the time to get lost in that...
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