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Air Force One producer lands film rights to the game The Settlers of Catan

Board game nerds, rejoice! The popular tabletop strategy game THE SETTLERS OF CATAN is one step closer to becoming a movie and/or TV series. Producer Gail Katz, known for THE PERFECT STORM, AIR FORCE ONE, OUTBREAK, BICENTENNIAL MAN, IN THE LINE OF FIRE, and many more films has won the rights to the board game with sights set on the big and small screen. While THE SETTLERS OF CATAN does...
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Kevin Spacey exits Air Force One in promo art and video for House of Cards

I feel a great binge coming on as Netflix is set to premiere season 3 of House of Cards later this month! In preparation for the deliciously dark drama to return, Netflix has released a short video and a poster showing us Kevin Spacey 's Francis Underwood and Robin Wright 's Claire Underwood, respectively. While plot details are pretty well kept, Netflix states that the...
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Top 10 Most Patriotic Movies of All Time (Video Edition)

Today is America's birthday and as we all enjoy barbeques, fireworks, alcohol, and more it is also the perfect time for a good movie. So, if you want to sit back with a cold beer and gather your family around to watch a movie that will stir your red, white, and blue blood, here is the list for you. Whether they be about sports, war, family, love, honor, or good old fashioned science fiction,...
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Cool Videos: Harrison Ford being very angry at you supercut

ENDER'S GAME opens today, and you know what that means: Harrison Ford will probably get angry at someone, and there's a good chance he'll also point his finger at the unlucky person on the receiving end of Ford's wrath. It's what he does, and he does it quite well. Vulture has created this fantastic supercut of Harrison Ford being pissed off at people from some...
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Cool Videos Exclusive: Top 10 Movie Presidents!

Every year there's at least a couple of movies that have the President of the United States (fictional and real) in them but this year you've got OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN with Aaron Eckhart , WHITE HOUSE DOWN with Jamie Foxx tomorrow and THE BUTLER is out in August featuring six different Presidents with everyone from John Cusack as Richard Nixon to Alan Rickman as Ronald...
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Cool Videos: Gary Oldman Loses His Shit Supercut

The best way that I can think of to honor Gary Oldman on his birthday is by posting this video of him "losing his shit." Because that's one of the most awesome things about Oldman, right? The guy knows how to flip his lid. But in all seriousness, the guy is an amazing actor, who role after role never ceases to amaze us with how easily he can just slip into such interesting...
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