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New Cloverfield film God Particle pushed back to April

The new CLOVERFIELD film, currently titled GOD PARTICLE, was supposed to come out one month from now but has had a puzzling lack of adverts. Everyone has assumed this was sneaky new promotion tactic, and that the movie would all of a sudden show up in theaters with not even a poster. But the reason for the lack of marketing is far less mysterious than you think, and it's been...
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Review: Last Knights

PLOT: A group of knights, led by the noble Raiden ( Clive Owen ) avenge their master's ( Morgan Freeman ) disgrace as the hands of a tyrant ( Aksel Hennie ). REVIEW: Well, this is a weird one. You'd think that a large-scale fantasy epic starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen would get a higher-profile release than the quiet VOD bow it's getting Friday and sure...
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Exclusive: Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman suit up in Last Knights stills

While the bulk of you may be waiting for the summer movie season to kick in on May 1st, here's an action flick that's done a pretty good job of flying under the radar. As you no doubt have noticed, LAST KNIGHTS stars Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman , with the story following a fallen warrior who rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler in order to avenge his dishonored...
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Brett Ratner's Hercules adds Headhunter's star Aksel Hennie

While we've known for awhile that Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson was set to star as the Greek hero in the HERCULES movie from Brett Ratner , there hasn't been any other casting news until now. The Hollywood Reporter has news that Aksel Hennie (from the Norwegian thriller HEADHUNTERS) has singed on to play Tydeus, "a warrior devoted to Hercules who wields twin axes and is such a...
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