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Alec Baldwin is one bossy baby in The Boss Baby trailer

Who doesn’t think babies are cute? They’re like living bundles of cotton candy that puke and fart like no tomorrow. Precious, no? But what’s more precious is if you give a baby the voice of Alec Baldwin and have him run a Fortune 500 company. Okay, maybe that's not as cute, but we’re still getting it. The first trailer for the newest DreamWorks...
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The Departed is getting re-adapted for television at Amazon

Get ready to smell another rat, this time across a longer-form story and on Amazon's streaming platform. THE DEPARTED, the Best Picture winner at the 79th Academy Awards which starred Leonardo DiCaprio , Jack Nicholson , Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg , is being re-adapted, this time as a series for Amazon, with Vertigo Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group...
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Michael Keaton thinks the ship has sailed regarding a Beetlejuice sequel

It's been nearly thirty years (really? holy shit) since Michael Keaton first brought Betelgeuse to life in the Tim Burton film and rumours of a sequel have been circling for almost as long. In the last couple of years that sequel talk has become much more serious with Seth Grahame-Smith working on a screenplay and both Winona Ryder and Tim Burton seemingly confirming...
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Dreamworks Animation panel with Trolls and The Boss Baby (Comic Con 2016)

Today is the first full day of San Diego Comic Con 2016 and things started out with the first panel by a movie studio. Dreamworks Animation led off the festivities in Hall H and kept the focus on a pair of films rather than showcasing their future slate over the next year. With stars in attendance, Dreamworks led off with a big presentation of their Christmas release, TROLLS. We were...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Alec Baldwin

Last week, we took a look at the career of the late director, Michael Cimino . This week’s subject is on the other side of the camera, but seems like an actor that would have been a natural for any of Cimino’s movies... Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin has always struck me as a character actor born with a leading man’s mug. Often cast as a...
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Where it was Made: The Departed (video)

Welcome to another episode of our web-series, Where It Was Made, in which we revisit the actual filming locations for some of the most popular films ever made and see how they're holding up today, all while examining just how these locations were used in the finished film. Our latest episode heads to Bean Town USA, aka Boston, Massachusetts to revisit the locales from Martin Scorsese...
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Christoph Waltz & Hong Chau join Alexander Payne's Downsizing

The word from Variety is that Christoph Waltz and Hong Chau (INHERENT VICE, HBO's Treme) have landed roles in Alexander Payne 's DOWNSIZING, joining the previously cast Matt Damon , Reese Witherspoon , Alec Baldwin , Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Sudeikis . Talk about a loaded cast! Payne's new movie is pretty out there compared to his previous...
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Movie CliffsNotes: Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor

Director Michael Bay is set to debut his latest film, the fact-based military thriller 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI this Friday, but back in 2001 he put out another military thriller that mixed a little more fiction with a fact-based event. Yes, PEARL HARBOR aka WWII TITANIC, created a goofy love triangle with Ben Affleck , Kate Beckinsale , and Josh Hartnet t amidst...
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Face-Off: The Edge vs. The Grey

Alejandro González Iñárritu 's THE REVENANT begins a limited run this week and goes wide on January 8th (you can read our review here ). While Iñárritu's film may not be the end-all be-all of survival films, it's certainly a welcomed entry into the genre. Films like CAST AWAY , THE MARTIAN , and 127 HOURS focus on a character surviving by himself, while THE REVENANT focuses on...
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Rogue Nation's Rebecca Ferguson to return for Mission: Impossible 6

With 5 entries in the Tom Cruise spy franchise, audience members may be wondering they could possibly go with a 6th film. I mean, Tom hung out of a freakin' plane! Clearly the man has more shit that he'd like to hang out of, as production on the 6th film will begin in 2016. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has already confirmed his involvement in the follow-up, marking...
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Christopher McQuarrie confirms he's on board for Mission: Impossible 6

Rumors started swirling a few weeks back that writer/director Christopher McQuarrie may return to the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise after his stellar job on ROGUE NATION, and it looks like some level of involvement has been confirmed by the man himself. Taking to Twitter to announce it, McQuarrie had the following to say: Mission: Accepted #MI6 —...
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Christopher McQuarrie may return to direct Mission: Impossible 6

We may be on the verge of a first for the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise as Variety reports that Christopher McQuarrie , director of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION, is eyeing a return to write and possibly direct the next installment of the series. As MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION has proved to be a great success for Paramount, it's completely understandable that they would...
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