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New teaser for Seth MacFarlane's series Blunt Talk starring Patrick Stewart

Fans of Seth MacFarlane series and films know that there is always the chance Patrick Stewart could appear. I remember the first time I heard the man recognized as Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier guest star on FAMILY GUY followed by a regular role on AMERICAN DAD. Hearing a childhood idol spouting those lines was surprising and totally hilarious. Naturally, when Stewart...
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Seth MacFarlane enters The Matrix and discusses his favorite movies in these new Oscar videos

I was looking forward to seeing how TED director Seth MacFarlane would approach hosting duties for the Oscars until now. Now I am torn between whether he is going to do a great job or a bland version of his usually crude sense of humor. Oscars.com has released two videos for the upcoming Oscar telecast. One is a commercial and the other a brief behind the scenes type clip. The...
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Cool Videos: Ted visits Jimmy Kimmel Live without Seth MacFarlane

The use of CGI in films and on television has grown exponentially over the last decade to the point that we cannot tell when computer effects are used in most cases. Sure, we know when THE AVENGERS uses CGI, but we don't notice all of the subtle places technology has tweaked our entertainment. With TED, I doubt anyone actually thought the bear was real. But, it was pretty damn...
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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to host the 85th Academy Awards

Well, it looks like the Oscars are going in a new direction next year as Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and TED, has been tapped to host the 85th Academy Awards.  MacFarlane brings considerable comedic charm to the awards show, which will be telcast in February 2013.  I've found that MacFarlane can be love/hate amongst fans, but I think he's an inspired choice that...
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