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Review: Elvis & Nixon

PLOT: What happened behind the scenes of one of the most famous photographs of all time? Well ELVIS & NIXON explores the meeting of a rock and roll star and The President of the United States, and it’s a great time at the movies. REVIEW: Michael Shannon may be one of the most powerful actors working today. He continually gives incredibly dynamic performances including the...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Kevin Spacey

Last week , we took a look at the career of legendary character actor Tommy Lee Jones . This week’s subject slips right into that same rarefied category, as truly an actor’s actor and a consummate pro... Kevin Spacey It’s hard to believe but Kevin Spacey ’s been kicking around Hollywood for longer than many of’s readers...
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Go behind the scenes of Huntsman and Elvis & Nixon with these featurettes

As two evil sisters prepare to conquer the land; two renegades - Eric the Huntsman - who previously aided Snow White in defeating Ravenna, and his forbidden lover, Sara set out to stop them. This is the premise set before us for THE HUNSTMAN: WINTER'S WAR, which hits theaters on April 22nd . If the trailers haven't sold you, then perhaps a behind-the-scenes look at the film...
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Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey shine in the 1st trailer for Elvis & Nixon

ELVIS & NIXON tells the untold true story behind the meeting between the King of Rock 'n Roll and President Nixon, resulting in this revealing, yet humorous moment immortalized in the most requested photograph in the National Archives. As if you needed a reason to watch Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey act in a room together, here's the trailer to whet your appetite! Watch out...
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Michael Shannon rocks it as Elvis in this first image from Elvis & Nixon

Kevin Spacey is killing it in the political arena as far as Netflix's House of Cards goes, but it looks like he's sticking around to deliver some comedy as President Nixon in ELVIS & NIXON. The plot is pretty absurd and wildly enough, based on a true story. On December 21, 1970 Elvis went to the White House to meet Nixon in hopes that he would be sworn in as a federal...
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The Butler's Lee Daniels turns his head towards horror with Demon House

When it comes to Lee Daniels (THE BUTLER, PRECIOUS), all talk has pointed towards a Richard Pryor biopic starring Mike Epps . However it looks as if Daniels is also itching to dive into the horror genre with a tale about demonic possession dubbed DEMON HOUSE. The story is based on the real-life Latoya Ammons, in which her and her family claimed to have been under the attack and...
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New title and director for Channing Tatum's Magic Mike 2

Unfortunately, MAGIC MIKE 2 won't be subtitled MEATY BOOGALOO or TASTE THE MAGIC. The Playlist is reporting the sequel will now be called MAGIC MIKE XXL, and a director has been found as well. Channing Tatum had previously talked about potentially directing the new movie, however Greg Jacobs will helm MAGIC MIKE XXL. Jacobs has worked with Steven Soderbergh (who is still...
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Channing Tatum is writing Magic Mike 2 with a Matthew McConaughey bust

Did I have you at MAGIC MIKE 2 or Matthew McConaughey bust? We haven't heard much about the sequel to Channing Tatum 's male stripper flick, however part of the reason is because the script hasn't been written yet. But have no fear fans of man meat and gyrating flesh: Channing Tatum has started work on the script for MAGIC MIKE 2. He revealed the news on his Facebook...
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Lee Daniels in talks for Richard Pryor biopic with Eddie Murphy and Michael B. Jordan among contenders for the lead

Let the onslaught of late comedian biopics continue! THE BUTLER director Lee Daniels is in talks to take on a biopic of late great comedian Richard Pryor with Eddie Murphy , Marlon Wayans , and Michael B. Jordan in contention to take the lead. The film has been in development for years now, with both Murphy and Wayans in the mix from the start. However, with Jordan emerging as...
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Alex Pettyfer to play half of a gay, interracial action hero couple for director Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels has garnered a good deal of respect from the film industry for his Academy Award-nominated PRECIOUS and this year's THE BUTLER. His prior film, THE PAPERBOY, did not fare so well, but Daniels has proven that he has the chops for controversial material. His next project, if it gets made, may be his most controversial yet. In an interview with Out Magazine , Daniels...
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Review: Lee Daniels' The Butler

PLOT: A butler serves during seven presidential administrations between 1957 and 1986 while his son engages in the Civil Rights movement down south. REVIEW: LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER could have been an awkward disaster; it has all the makings of being an ungainly, foolhardy mess weighed down by pretension and melodrama. It is not this. In fact, some of it is quite good. There...
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Harvey Weinstein says the controversy over The Butler's title is because of The Hobbit

Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros. are currently at odds over the title to Lee Daniels ' latest movie THE BUTLER. At the heart of the case is an obscure 1916 silent short movie of the same name that WB is claiming THE BUTLER is infringing on. Weinstein recently lost his hearing with the MPAA to retain the title for the Forrest Whitaker movie that hits theaters next month and is vowing...
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