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Top 5 Movie Mistakes: Finding Nemo (Video)

This week sees the release of FINDING DORY, so what better time to go fishing for the Top 5 Movie Mistakes of its predecessor, 2003's FINDING NEMO. Directed by Andrew Stanton and featuring the voice talents of Albert Brooks ,  Ellen DeGeneres , Willem Dafoe , Brad Garrett , Allison Janney , Stephen Root , Geoffrey Rush , Elizabeth Perkins , and more, FINDING NEMO has...
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Albert Brooks joins Ellen Degeneres and director Andrew Stanton for Finding Nemo 2

Add this to more underwhelming Pixar news for me, but apparently the studio is moving forward with the long-in-development sequel to FINDING NEMO and they've just secured their main attraction, Albert Brooks , who voiced the titular character's dad, Marlin, in the blockbuster film.  Brooks, who apparently closed a deal for a nice payday to return, will once again join co-star Ellen Degeneres...
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Review: Finding Nemo 3D

PLOT : After a clown fish loses his wife and all but one of his children to a monstrous sea predator, he vows to never put his surviving son in jeopardy again. However problems arise when the boy named Nemo wants to have a little freedom and is inadvertently captured by a scuba diver who plans to offer him as a pet to his ill-behaved daughter. It is up to the little clown fish to face...
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