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Review: Blue Caprice

PLOT: The true story of the men behind the 2002 Beltway Sniper attacks. John Allen Muhammad ( Isaiah Washington ) is living in Antigua with his children when he meets a fatherless boy, Lee (Tequan Richmond) who he takes under his wing. Muhammad brings him back to his home in the U.S but soon begins to indoctrinate the boy with his murderous agenda. REVIEW: I remember being...
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Watch Isaiah Washington as the DC sniper in the chilling first trailer for Blue Caprice

You may not have heard news on the film its based on, but I'm sure that many of you know about the DC sniper attacks back in the early 2000s. John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo shot people at random in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The official 2013 Sundance Selection gives a disturbing portrait of the events with a focus on Muhammed's relationship with the young...
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