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Get your first official look at Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth in Gotham

British actor Sean Pertwee has joined the ranks of fellow thesps Michael Caine , Michael Gough , and soon-to-be Jeremy Irons (in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN) to portray Alfred Pennyworth, the resourceful and dedicated butler to Bruce Wayne/Batman. Pertwee will portray the character for Fox's Gotham series, where he will act as the protector of the recently orphaned Bruce Wayne (played by David...
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Squak, squak! The Penguin and Alfred cast in Gotham TV show

Fox's Gotham TV show continues to take shape as more castmembers have been added. Robert Lord Taylor will play Oswald Cobblepot/aka The Penguin, while veteran thesp Sean Pertwee (DOG SOLDIERS) will play Alfred Pennyworth, the longstanding butler to the Wayne family. Jeremy Irons was recently cast as Alfred in the next big screen iteration of the character for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN,...
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Jesse Eisenberg to be Lex Luthor! Jeremy Irons is Alfred in Bats vs. Supes!

Holy Bat/Super news! Well, it looks like all the rumors of Mark Strong or Bryan Cranston taking on the role of the bald-headed villain Lex Luthor are now debunked as the unlikely choice of Jesse Eisenberg will now portray the famed foil to Superman in the MAN OF STEEL sequel, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. In addtion to Eisenberg, veteran actor Jeremy Irons has been named to play Alfred,...
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