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Top 10 Most Depressing Movies of the Last 10 Years (Video Edition)

As 2013 comes to a close we are approaching the time when Oscar contenders will be on full display. As we all know, depressing usually gets you an Oscar nomination because playing dramatic parts is a lot harder than say comedy or action. That being said, there have been a lot of depressing films over the years, but just in the past decade there have been some truly brutal and emotionally...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Boardwalk Empire, Epic, Amour ...

This week: A bad-ass season of Boardwalk Empire, the Oscar-winning bummer Amour, and The Good Wife gives network drama a pulse. ► The third and so far best season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE didn’t waste time reconciling with fans worried after Jimmy’s stunning exit in the Season 2 finale....
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Cool Videos: What if Michael Haneke had directed Star Wars: Episode VII instead of Amour

I watched AMOUR a few weeks ago and was devastated by how bleak it is. Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent movie, just incredibly depressing. But, what do you expect from a Michael Haneke movie? Puppies and flowers? At this year's Cesar Awards in France, a little tribute to Haneke was put together imagining what his version of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII may look like. The result is...
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One director gets brutally honest with his Oscar ballot

Year after year, the fate of Hollywood's best hinges on the votes from the Academy. As each of those industry professionals are deciding on who will win in each category, one has to wonder what they actually think of the nominees. Well it seems that a reporter on the THR staff was called over to the office of a director to listen as he openly discussed how to fill out his ballot for...
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Cool Videos: Watch all 84 Best Picture winners in this beautiful montage

In what is shaping up to be the most wide open Best Picture category in a long time, this Sunday's Academy Awards promises to be one of the more entertaining shows in a long time. The ceremony will benefit from host Seth MacFarlane bringing a snark to the usually dry event. But, remember that the Oscars have been around for 85 years and in that time we have seen some surprises...
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Honest Movie Posters for 2013 Oscar Contenders; Argo! Django!, Zero Dark Thirty!, Lincoln!

The folks over at have come up with some really great "honest" movie posters for this years Oscar contenders, covering all the bases, stereotypes, and true-to-form realities of the various films all vying for golden statues this year.  Everything from ARGO, LINCOLN, ZERO DARK THIRTY, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, AMOUR, LES MISERABLES, DJANGO UNCHAINED, LIFE OF PI,...
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Lincoln leads the nominations for the 85th Academy Awards; directors Affleck, Tarantino, and Bigelow snubbed

The nominations for the 85th Academy Awards were announced today, with a few notable snubs.  We expected movies like LINCOLN, LES MISERABLES, ARGO, and ZERO DARK THIRTY to take a lot of nominations, but to leave out the directors for some of those is kind of crazy.  Kathryn Bigelow has been winning directing awards right and left, and Ben Affleck has been praised as the...
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Review: Amour

PLOT: Georges (Jean-Louis Tritignant) and Anne ( Emmanuelle Riva ) seem to be weathering the transition to old age better than most. Two former piano teachers, they spend their days going to concerts, listening to music, and gently teasing each other about their age. Most importantly, they’re still devoted to each other. One morning, Anne has a stroke, and a subsequent operation...
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