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Review: The ABCs of Death

PLOT: Twenty-six short films about death, each from a different director, and each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. REVIEW: An omnibus film is always a dicey proposition, and if nothing else, THE ABCs OF DEATH deserves a whole lot of credit for being bold. Twenty-seven directors, including Jason Eisener , Ti West , Ben Wheatley , and Adam Wingard...
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The green-band trailer for the horror anthology The ABC's of Death is just as awesome as the red-band trailer

From the directors of...everything, comes this new horror anthology THE ABC'S OF DEATH, featuring a cavalcade of style and genre mash-ups that are sure to be a visceral punch to the face.  Well, that's what it looks like anyway.  I have to be honest, I kind of dismissed this when the red-band trailer was released, which is rare.  However, after a second viewing and now with...
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