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Season 2 of Cage & Goldblum: Roomies - "Once Upon a Time In Mexico" (video)

In the third episode of the latest season of our original animated web series, Cage & Goldblum: Roomies, we see the boys head to Troublemaker Studios to meet with Robert Rodriguez about making Con Air 2. However, it seems they've run into more than they bargained for when Donald Trump buys Mexico and both Al Pacino and Christopher Walken get tossed into the mix. Throw in...
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Exclusive: Check out episode 5 of Pacino & Walken: Roomies!

The animated misadventures of Al Pacino and Christopher Walken continue in episode 5 of Roomies! Check out previous episodes of Roomies HERE if you need to catch up! In this 5th episode, Al Pacino has retired from Hollywood and is now living in Sicily, Italy. Christopher Walken , on the other hand, remains back in NY and hosts "Saturday Night Live" along with a...
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Cool concept art from abandoned Jurassic Park animated series

Did you know that at one point Universal Cartoon Studios was developing a JURASSIC PARK animated series? I didn't, but I'm not surprised since there have been more than a few cartoon TV show based on popular movies (Remember when there were three animated series based on films starring Jim Carrey ?), and several pieces of concept art from the abandoned project have landed...
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Exclusive: Check out the pilot episode of Pacino & Walken: Roomies!

This ain't the Odd Couple! Pull up your cowbell and "Hoo-ah's" and settle in for the pilot episode of Walken and Pacino: Roomies, a new animated web series that puts two famed actors, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken , together as roommates. The drama unfolds naturally and as expected in episode 1 as both Al and Christopher wonder how Robert De Niro is seemingly...
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First promos for Star Wars: Rebels show off some characters and action

More and more is being revealed about the new STAR WARS animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, be it through behind-the-scenes videos, posters , or new toy images , but today we have our first proper promo spots for the upcoming show, which is set to debut on Disney XD in the fall. The two new spots highlight some of the new characters, settings, and locales that are set to appear in the...
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New info and sizzle trailer for Cartoon Network's Beware The Batman have arrived!

Cartoon Network has issues a press release and a sizzle trailer for their new Batman animated series, Beware The Batman, highlighting the CGI visuals as well as the character breakdowns, including new heroes and villains with some old ones with a different take than we've seen before. The sizzle trailer is pretty fun and flashy, hitting all the marks you've come to expect from a...
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