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Review: The Light Between Oceans

PLOT: At the end of World War I, a war veteran seeks out a quiet life on the western coast of Australia as a lighthouse keeper. He eventually falls in love with a beautiful young teacher, and together they forge a happy life on an isolated island. A series of miscarriages threatens to doom them, but when they find a baby in a rowboat washed upon the shore, they make the fateful...
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Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander head The Light Between Oceans trailer

On a remote Australian island in the years following World War I, lighthouse keeper Tom Sherbourne ( Michael Fassbender ) and his wife, Isabel ( Alicia Vikander ), discover a boat washed ashore carrying a dead man and a two-month old baby. Rescuing the infant, they make the decision to raise her as their own but the consequences of their choice prove to be devastating. Check out what's...
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New pic of Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans

2016 should be a pretty big year for Michael Fassbender . The actor has X-MEN: APOCALYPSE out on May 27, as well as ASSASSIN'S CREED on December 21, and THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, director Derek Cianfrance 's THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES follow-up, is also expected to hit theaters sometime next year. A new image from the latter upcoming film has been released, featuring...
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Hugo Weaving to lead Craig Monahan's Healing

I'm glad Hugo Weaving hasn't been stuck with just villain roles since THE MATRIX. It happens a lot to actors that have played superb villains but just like the best ( Gary Oldman , Christopher Walken ) Hugo Weaving has shown he's more than capable of playing a variety of roles. THR has news that he will be using some of that range for the film HEALING that is being...
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