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Vice creates its own streaming service and Springbreakers will now be a show

So yet another bullshit streaming device is coming out of the woodwork to hurt my wallet and tempt me to start torrenting shit again. This time it's from Vice Entertainment, and it will be called Blackpills . However, having said all that, there's an interesting line-up of talent and show premises debuting on the service. Some of the more intriguing ones are a...
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C'mon Hollywood: Why blockbusters are just as "artful" as arthouse films

I’m aware that title is probably a bit more incendiary than I intended. Upfront I want to say I love arthouse films. Hell, HOLY MOUNTAIN, 8 1/2 , and CLERGYMAN AND THE SEASHELL are some of my favorite films of all time. What’s great about these types of films, is that they experiment and test the boundaries of what film is capable of. Sometimes this is accomplished through...
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