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Assassin's Creed anime series in development from Castlevania producer

Although ASSASSIN'S CREED may not have been the video-game movie saviour which we were hoping it would be, we haven't seen the last of the Ubisoft franchise, except this time it will be in the form of an anime series from Adi Shankar, producer of Netflix's upcoming Castlevania series. Shankar confirmed the news himself on Facebook , but unfortunately we don't where or...
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Ubisoft Motion Pictures Offering Fellowships for Female Filmmakers

Ubisoft is a French multinational video game publisher who, in the past, has published franchise titles like Tom Clancy 's Rainbow Six , Watch Dogs , Assassin's Creed , and the Far Cry series of games. The company also has a film and television studio under their umbrella called Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Today, Ubisoft Motion Pictures has announced that they're...
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What's new on Blu-ray and DVD this month? (March 2017)

A new month brings a wealth of new Blu-ray and DVD releases, so now's a great time to prepare and see what we have ahead of us in the month of March! You can always head to our BLU-RAY AND DVD RELEASE DATES section for a more complete list, but in this column we'll go over some of the more popular titles hitting shelves over the next 4 weeks! March 7 First up in...
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C'mon Hollywood: Why videogame movies suck and how to fix 'em

SUPER MARIO BROS. STREET FIGHTER. MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION. HOUSE OF THE DEAD. Not only are these terrible videogame movies, there are some of the worst movies, period . And the list goes on! DOUBLE DRAGON, DEAD OR ALIVE, ALONE IN DAR – I mean, you get the idea. Hell, let’s add ASSASSIN’S CREED and (presumably) RESIDENT EVIL: FINAL CHAPTER to that list as well. So...
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Production on the new Tomb Raider film has officially begun!

Films based on video games sure do have a reputation for being awful, don’t they? With the exception of the Resident Evil franchise making a fair amount of bank for itself over the years, I can scarcely recall another game-to-film adaptation that was worth getting genuinely excited about. Last year, it felt like there was a chance that ASSASSIN’S CREED would break the...
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We talk Assassin's Creed with Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and more!

Live action adaptations of video games are notoriously difficult to pull off. Will ASSASSIN'S CREED break the curse? That question gets answered by audiences this holiday season, when 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft and director Justin Kurzel bring it to life on the big screen. Starring Michael Fassbender as Cal, a criminal who is abducted by a mysterious organization run by a feuding...
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Review: Assassin's Creed

PLOT: A death row inmate ( Michael Fassbender ) is given a reprieve by a mysterious corporation that wants to tap into memories from his past life as a 15th Century Spanish assassin, all in the hopes of finding the “apple of Eden”, which they believe will effectively end violence in mankind. REVIEW: Video game movies are supposed to be fun, right? Because if so,...
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Take the ultimate leap of faith with new Assassin's Creed clips

We have officially entered the final 12 days till Christmas, and although I could take from a certain song and give you a bunch of birds and old lady jewelry, I’m just gonna focus on day two. No, you’re not getting some trick-ass turtle doves, but instead two new ASSASSIN’S CREED clips, both of which shed some more light on the tone and style of the flick. In the...
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Justin Kurzel reveals where he'd like an Assassin's Creed sequel to go

A sequel to ASSASSIN'S CREED isn't yet in the books, but, as with any film, if ASSASSIN'S CREED performs well, there's no reason to think that this will be the last we see of Ubisoft's world of assassins on the big-screen. The series of games on which the upcoming film is based has explored many different periods in history including the Crusades and the American...
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Michael Fassbender leaps and bounds in the new Assassin's Creed trailer

When Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society. How about that?! Michael Fassbender is forced into servitude by Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons in order to find the almighty MacGuffin and put an end to . . . something. In any case, it's good plot fodder...
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Michael Fassbender rides into action in Assassin's Creed clip

Considering the talent that’s involved with ASSASSIN’S CREED there’s a lot more riding on its success than other video game flicks. In a few weeks we will see if it lives up to the lofty heights, but if you’re tired of waiting then come on over and get a taste with this new clip from the movie, featuring Michael Fassbender showing off his horse riding and...
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New Assassin's Creed featurette explores the science of the Animus

Although Duncan Jones ' WARCRAFT can count itself as the highest grossing video-game movie of all-time, it certainly wasn't the hit that Legendary Pictures was hoping it would be and did little to break the so-called "video-game curse". There's still a chance that the curse could break before the final petal of 2016 falls, as Justin Kurzel 's ASSASSIN'S...
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