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Blu-Ray animation two-fer: Specs and release dates for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania

Two more of 2012's animated staples are heading to the home video market, one a critical success, the other a commercial success.  First up is Disney's and director Tim Burton 's second attempt at FRANKENWEENIE, this time in the form of stop-motion animation, all in black and white, which was presented in 2D and 3D.  The film made a very modest profit worldwide ($66 million...
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C'mon Hollywood: Has Tim Burton lost his touch or have we lost touch with Tim Burton?

This past weekend I caught Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE and while sitting there, soaking the film in, I felt an air of familiarity, as if there would be no surprises and a bittersweet, oddly happy ending. Yet, as the film came to a close, I sat there, nearly in tears before the credits rolled, and I thought that maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Perhaps, I wasn’t giving...
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Review: Frankenweenie

PLOT: Young Victor Frankenstein is a loner, with his only refuge being science and his beloved dog Sparky- who’s promptly hit by a car and killed. Victor is able to bring him back to life via his scientific know-how, but- naturally, there are complications. REVIEW: A big-screen, stop-motion remake of his landmark 1984 short film- FRANKENWEENIE is interesting in that it...
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Six retro "monster movie" posters for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie are here

Tim Burton's stop-motion animation pic FRANKENWEENIE comes alive at the box office next week and in preparation for its release, Disney has released six retro "monster movie" posters to hype the film.  They're all really cool and feature a number of the "creatures" that will be brought back to life in the film.  I actually received all six of these in a postcard-sized pack when...
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Do you want this IMAX-exclusive Frankenweenie poster drawn by Tim Burton hanging on your wall?

The night FRANKENWEENIE is set to rise up in cinemas is swiftly approaching, and for those of you excited to see the thing I now have another reason to add atop your pile.  As is the trend these days, the IMAX midnight showings of FRANKENWEENIE will be accompanied by a special poster unique to that night.  And in this case, that poster is based on an original sketch done by Mr....
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