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The full list of 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards nominees has been released

Despite what you think about MTV and the manner in which their programming has drastically changed throughout the years, one thing is for certain, their annual awards program is making major strides for representation in pop culture media. For example, this year's show will include a mix of film, TV and streaming programs in some categories while simultaneously...
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Here are the winners for the 2017 Golden Globes!

Phew! Wow...ummm...yeah. That's it folks. 2016 has officially come to a close and I'm pretty sure a significant portion of Earth's human population is pretty damn happy about it. It was a very busy and eventful year for everyone, especially when it came to movies. From big comic book flicks to war films to small L.A. musicals, 2016 was full of incredible films of every genre. Almost to...
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Here are the winners for the 2016 Academy Awards!

Oh what a day...what a lovely day! Yes the 2016 Academy Awards are almost here after a crazy 2015 and I am once again proud to be hosting the LIVE CHAT event which will be taking place on Sunday beginning at 7:30 pm EST sharp . 2015 brought about some absolutely insane competition and there's absolutely no telling which way the votes will go as there's so much talent involved. Will...
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Ricky Gervais returns to host the Golden Globes in 2016

Just last week we found out that Chris Rock would be hosting the 88th Academy Awards, and with that mystery out of the way our inquisitive minds soon turned to another question of monumental importance; who would host the Golden Globes? Turns out that our new Golden Globes host will be a familiar one as it has been announced that three-time host Ricky Gervais will be returning to...
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Game of Thrones, True Detective lead the nominees for the 66th Emmy Awards

The 66th annual Emmy Award nominations were announced today and once again cable has trumped network television. HBO is especially happy with GAME OF THRONES and TRUE DETECTIVE taking a huge number of nominations, as did FX's AMERICAN HORROR STORY and the debut season of FARGO. HOUSE OF CARDS was nominated for Netflix for the second year in a row as was ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. As...
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The 2013 Golden Schmoes nominees are announced!

VOTING has begun! Check out the nominees and click HERE to start VOTING ! Thanks to your nominations we have now compiled the final list of nominees for The 13th Annual JoBlo Movie Awards (aka The Golden Schmoes)! Final voting begins tomorrow and runs from Tuesday, February 18th through  27th, with winners to be announced on Friday, February 28th , just ahead of...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Does Scarlett Johansson deserve a little awards love?

The Golden Globe nominees were announced a few weeks ago with no real surprises or out of the blue shocks, except of course for there being no love for PRISONERS (see the full list right over here if you so please). I don't know how seriously you folks take this award show, or any award show for that matter, but I personally love seeing these ceremonies take place because movies are...
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LA Film Critics and the American Film Institute reveal their best films of the year

Both the American Film Institute and the LA Film Critics Association have unveiled their best films of the year, another indicator of what is to come from the Academy Awards in February. Unlike the Oscars, the AFI makes an unranked selection of the best films of the year while the LA Critics couldn't choose just one film. First up, the LA Film Critics had a tie in naming the best...
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Click here for the live Oscar chat on Movie Fan Central! Welcome to's live coverage of the 85th annual Academy Awards!  Tonight we come to you live with a running commentary of all the winners of the 2012 Oscars.  We will notify you of the winners in each category as they are announced along with tidbits of information regarding the presenters and other goings...
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Join for live Oscar night coverage! Facebook! Twitter! Movie Fan Central!

Join us here Sunday, February 24th at 8pm EST for's live coverage of the 85th annual Academy Awards! We come to you live with a running commentary of all the winners of the 2012 Oscars. We will notify you of the winners in each category as they are announced along with tidbits of information regarding the presenters and other goings on throughout the telecast. Stay tuned...
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