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Go Team Venture! The Venture Bros. season 7 coming next year!

THE VENTURE BROS. is an amazing show. One of the things that makes it a great show is that the show is pretty much made solely by two dudes, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer (Christopher McCulloch and Eric A. Hammer, respectively). This is great, because it keeps things consistent and keeps a distinct personality running throughout the show. The issue is that episodes take FOREVER to...
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Netflix releases new clips for animated dark comedy Bojack Horseman

BOJACK HORSEMAN is probably one of my favorite animated - no shows , period - airing right now. It's hilarious, such as its parody of flashbacks with scenes set it in an over-the-top 2007, the running gag of the Hollywoo sign, and the punchline to the mostly-silent underwater episode last season. But, beyond that, it's also one of the most emotionally resonant and gut-punchingly...
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Netflix renews female wrestling show GLOW for a second season!

While I'm sick of 80s nostalgia (seriously, that decade sucked), I can't help but get swept away in both of Netflix's take on the decade, with the one-two punch of the D&D influenced STRANGER THINGS and the awesome women's wrestling show GLOW starring Alison Brie . Especially GLOW, as I'm not even really a fan of wrestling, and I definitely got caught up in all the drama surrounding...
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Archer meets Eggsy from the Kingsman in funny new promo

In a bit of benign corporate synergy between FX and 20th Century Fox, an animated promo has been produced that features Eggsy from KINGSMEN interacting with Sterling Archer from the acclaimed animated series ARCHER (of which I am also a huge fan). And the crossover makes sense too, as they are both spies in a heightened - and retro - world. So let's see how it turned out:...
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Trailer is found for quirky indie film Dave Made a Maze

When you were a kid, did you ever make forts out of cardboard? As well as swords, armor, action figures, and pretend Playstations with little cardboard disks? Probably not the last few things, since you probably weren't dirt poor like me, but kids making things out of cardboard for fun seems to be a normal kid thing to do. Like most things, children's imaginations help to fill...
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Rifftrax gets ready for the season with Summer Beach Party Shorts!

For those who don't know, Rifftrax is the project MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy , and Bill Corbett took on after the cancellation of their other movie-riffing show. Since then, they have had many live events, and their newest one is titled SUMMER BEACH PARTY SHORTS, where they take the piss out of bad educational shorts. The normal crew will be...
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E3 unveils new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer!

I've been excited about SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY since it was first announced,  when it seemed like Mario was entering the GTA universe (which begged questions like: if he killed a hooker, would she become a floating coin? And, could a fire flower blow up a police helicopter?) Alas, the game was much more expansive than that, with the "real world" (where Mario looks like...
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Patty Jenkins not confirmed for Wonder Woman 2

So, like most people, I love, love, loved WONDER WOMAN. Not just as a DC movie, or as a female superhero movie, or hell even as simply a superhero movie - I thougt it was actually just a damn good movie , period. And that's due in no small part to director Patty Jenkins . It's her fearlessness in tackling her subject earnestly, without irony or detachment, and sticking to...
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The Warner Brothers - and sister Dot - are coming back in Animaniacs reboot!

So I've gotten the ANIMANIACS theme song stuck in my head since hearing this news, because like many of you, this was an important part of my childhood. Who could forget " Helloooo Nurse ", or Yakko's World Song , or the debut of PINKY AND THE BRAIN? When animation was at an all-time low, shows like ANIMANIACS helped usher in a new Golden Age of children's...
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Jordan Peele's upcoming social thriller set for 2019

The Jordan Peele -directed GET OUT was a monster success. Not only was it critically-acclaimed, it also is one of the most profitable films in terms of budget vs. box-office ($5 million vs. $250 million, respectively). So with that kind of success, the world is Peele's oyster (a saying I still don't quite understand). Anyway, he now has a first look deal with Universal, and...
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New Wonder Woman ad shows CW's Supergirl trying on her outfit

So this is cute. Even though they exist in different universes, apparently CW's Supergirl is repping for the DCEU's Wonder Woman, going as for as to call her "a friend". She's even showing off the new Wonder Woman swag to the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (though she's playing the President of the United States on the show.) Anyway, you can see the...
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Wonder Woman voted most anticipated summer movie, according to Fandango

Now, I've made my excitement and anticipation for WONDER WOMAN known many times before. And while I still have misgivings about certain things (I'm iffy about setting it in WWI, I don't like the idea that she quits at some point), just seeing Diana kick ass and take names in the various cool trailers has eased a lot of those problems for now. And the great preview...
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