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Openly gay Xena: Warrior Princess reboot cancelled at NBC

While you might not have heard about a XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS reboot in the making, I'm sure you're not surprised to find out there was one. Was being the operative word. It seems NBC is no longer going to produce the show. The cancelled reboot was supposed to be a total overhaul - new actress, new tone, etc. In fact, the writer of the XENA reboot - Javier Grillo-Marxuach...
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Cool Videos: John Wick 2 stunt coordinator breaks down badass car chase

While I was lukewarm about JOHN WICK, I loved the hell out of JOHN WICK 2. It was bigger, badder, and much more brutal. The stunt work, thus, followed suit. One of the coolest sequences was the opening car chase where Wick takes on all those Russian mob goons, just to initiate a truce. Well, if you wondered how they did that, you're in luck, as Darrin Prescott, the stunt coordinator...
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Cool Videos: Deleted John Wick 2 scene with more Ian McShane!

I'll admit I wasn't the biggest fan of JOHN WICK when it first came out (and I still have my qualms). While the action was good and stylish (and even better, unique in how quick and sufficient his kills were), it didn't gel with me. I think the main problem was that for how much the other characters hyped him up, Wick kept getting captured and needing to be rescued (which sort of ran...
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C'mon Hollywood: Why haven't you made a Twisted Metal movie yet?

As a kid, I remember popping TWISTED METAL 2 into my PS1, entering the code to play as Minion , and then going out of my way to destroy Paris and any fool who got in my way . It was good times. Honestly, while I’m not much of a gamer in general, I loved TWISTED METAL. It was fast-paced, intuitive, and – above all – fun . Even more importantly, like MORTAL KOMBAT and...
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Badass Black Panther action scene spotted shooting in South Korea

I think most people can agree that Black Panther was one of the highlights (if not the highlight) of MCU's CIVIL WAR film. Played with class, dignity, and intense badassness by Chadwick Boseman (not to mention his skintight black suit... stupid sexy Panther ), the character made quite an impression with fans. So I know I'm not the only one looking forward to his new...
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Fairy tale princesses band together in an Avengers-esque adventure

So here's a cool idea: apparently Tracking Board is reporting that a new hot spec script about fairy tale princesses teaming up in a sort of AVENGERS-esque adventure is being developed. While it's getting shopped around to all studios, Disney has its own pitch for it with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES director Joachim Ronning attached. On the one...
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Go Team Venture! Season 7 of Venture Brothers series now in production!

No joke, VENTURE BROTHERS might be my favorite show airing today. Period. I love both its reverence and irreverence to superhero and adventure stories, with it skewing the tropes and cliches of the genre, while also upholding them with its own internal mythology and cast of inter-connected characters. In fact, I think its willingness to change and grow, as well as...
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Update: Logan will get a stinger scene, because those are mandatory now

UPDATE:  Well, that didn't take long. Apparently, according to the director himself, there is no LOGAN end credits stinger! Which sucks, because it makes claw/stinger jokes usless  (or more useless than they already were), but otherwise sounds much better. HOWEVER, according to Collider (again), it seems there may still be something added to the runtime,...
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Fate of the Furious & Lord of the Rings now share something - a long runtime

I'm still mad that the official title of the film - the one on the posters and trailers - isn't F8 OF THE FURIOUS. Because, I mean, that's the whole reason you named it that !!! Come on! But I digress...The film itself looks suitably epic, as befitting the ever-growing franchise. Large cast, huge explosions, insane stunts. The works. But...
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Power Rangers releases fun new trailer

I was never a fan of POWER RANGERS as a kid, but I can't help but be excited about the new film. Call it cultural osmosis, but everytime I see a new poster, image, or trailer, it brings me back to my childhood. While I never really saw the show or have the toys, all my friends did, and I remember vividly the vicious arguments that'd break out about who got to play as Tommy,...
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Action film Ruthless is on the way, described as "a female John Wick"

We've been seeing a surge of female action heroes lately (Rey in FORCE AWAKENS, Jyn Erso in ROGUE ONE, the upcoming WONDER WOMAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and TOMB RAIDER films), and I say that's a great thing. But a lot of these characters are either part of established franchises or are adapted from another medium. While female action heroes exist (HAYWIRE, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, the...
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Black Panther concept art shows off more of Wakanda

Chadwick Boseman 's intense portrayal of Black Panther in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR was definitely a highlight of the well-received film. So it's no surprise that anticipation for his solo debut is at an all-time high. Directed by Ryan Coogler (FRUITVALE STATION, CREED) and starring a who's-who of prominent black actors like Michael B. Jordan , Lupita Nyong’o,...
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