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Cool Videos: Trailer for Banksy's Dismaland Bemusement Park

Get ready to sneak a peek at what might be the "Most Miserable Place in the World," now that infamous street artist Banksy has given us a look at his latest project. Dismaland, the pop-up exhibition set up in Somerset, England, puts a strange twist on theme parks, namely those that brandish the Disney name, with attractions that are sure to do anything but lift your spirits....
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Cool Videos: Graffiti artist Banksy kills a Disney icon in this odd video piece

Although this is under the "Cool Videos" section, I'm not sure it qualifies that niche perfectly. As an art piece it does, but I can easily see this ruffling some feathers and I think that's the point. Anyone aware of Banksy, the enigmatic graffiti artist well known for his artistic "statements" around the world, will know that this is hardly controversial...
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