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Review: The Baytown Outlaws

PLOT: Three violent rednecks accept a job to kidnap a woman’s son back from her drug lord husband. While attempting to transport him back to her, they encounter a plethora of hired gangs who will stop at nothing to snatch the kid away from them. REVIEW: Remember back in the mid-90s, when it seemed like there were about a dozen lousy crime movies a year pathetically...
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Exclusive: Red-band Clip from The Baytown Outlaws starring Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thornton

I've been intrigued by the prospects of Barry Battles ' THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS since the first trailer was released, due largely to the amount of it's absurdly crazy, out-of-control antics and the presence of Eva Long-leg-oria in daisy dukes, tank top, and cowboy boots.  Okay, so I'm easily sold sometimes, but THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS looks like a batshit crazy good time.  It's not going to...
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Trailer for the newly retitled The Baytown Outlaws looks like some rowdy redneck fun

A while back we saw the trailer for THE BAYTOWN DISCO and now the film is back in the marketing machine with a new title to boot.  THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS, which is likely a bit more marketable title, features a ragtag group of Southern mercenaries (think an R-rated Dukes of Hazard) who are hired to retrieve the disabled gangster's son and in doing so become targets of an oddball lot of...
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