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A Baywatch sequel could find the elite lifeguards heading overseas

Although BAYWATCH hasn't exactly been unanimously embraced by the critics , that doesn't mean that the big-screen adaptation of the 90's TV series can't have a sequel. While speaking with Variety at the New York City screening of BAYWATCH, producer Beau Flynn revealed that plans were already in motion for a sequel which would bring back the cast as well as writers...
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Review: Baywatch

PLOT : The Baywatch lifeguard team must deal with a jerk of a new recruit and a deadly socialite peddling drugs… oh yeah, and lots of gorgeous bodies in bathing suits. REVIEW : The only time I caught an episode of the series Baywatch, there was very little enjoyment on my part. The episode involved one of the main characters - at least I think it was a main one -...
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Dwayne Johnson finally addresses presidential run rumors

“ Dwayne Johnson for President 2020.” Has a nice ring to it, no? Good strong name behind a good strong guy, matched with a nice even number. Though that sounds like an excellent Cards Against Humanity play, the phrase has been picking up speed in the last week or so, to the point where the actor was asked about it last night while speaking with Jimmy Fallon . There...
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The Rock's balls are bullies in new Baywatch red band trailer

When looking at the summer release schedule this year there aren't a whole lot of major live-action comedies coming our way. This could make it easy for BAYWATCH to cash in on the summer crowd looking for big, R-rated laughs. Said adult-themed laughs are on full display in the new red band trailer, featuring tons of f-bombs, testicle jokes, and a severed foot. Just a normal day in...
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Relive the magic of Baywatch's comedic Slowmo Marathon promotional event

Quick, somebody cue up the CHARIOTS OF FIRE theme song by Vangelis. Oh, but before you do, can you slow is down by about 800% ? There, that's perfect for what you're about to see. On April 22nd, the world was introduced to an evolution in the field of sport. A marathon, but a marathon like no other -  The Baywatch SlowMoMarathon , a grueling 0.3km that must...
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Top 20 Most Anticipated Movies for Summer 2017!

The summer movie season is upon us and there's a wide array of films hitting the multiplex, hoping to entice some money from your wallet. With more than 30 movies to choose from you've definitely got options, but unless you're simply committed to seeing everything, chances are you're going to have to make some choices. With that, we've compiled 20 movies we're either super excited for or super...
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The cast of Baywatch to host first ever "Slow-Motion Marathon" in LA

So BAYWATCH was a popular show that was known mainly for two things: boobs and slow-motion (namely boobs bouncing in slow-motion). So, with that in mind, the cast of the new film BAYWATCH (which will also probably be known for similar reasons) will be hosting the first (and probably last) "Slow-Motion Marathon" in downtown Los Angeles on April 22nd. As the name implies, it will be a...
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Dwayne Johnson assures it will be boobs & butts galore in Baywatch

This summer will have plenty of lasers blasting, man-spiders swinging, wondrous women and pirates…pirating. But they’ll all lack one key ingredient: nudity – gratuitous, glorious, grand nudity. No movie will pay homage to the human form more than BAYWATCH, the R-rated comedy film based off the show that made running on the beach both slow in motion and all around...
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CinemaCon 2017: Paramount - Transformers, Annihilation, Downsizing & more!

BAYWATCH - At this point you pretty much know whether or not you're going to see BAYWATCH and I'd wager that most of you are. Dwayne Johnson , Zac Efron , Alexandra Daddario , Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra and Ilfenesh Hadera lead the cast and the trailers thus far have done enough to either sell you a ticket or grab hold of your wallet. For my money, I'm all in, as this just...
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Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson go undercover in new Baywatch trailer

BAYWATCH is becoming the movie that’s quickly making me judge my own sanity. The analytical side of my brain says I should hate it and want it vanquished from the earth, while the other side is screaming, “Explosions! Beach balls! Cleavage! I need to go to there!!”  I have no idea how to feel about myself, and this new trailer is not helping matters. Take a look...
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Baywatch remake starring The Rock shows it has some balls in new poster

I was never into BAYWATCH growing up, because by the time I was interested in girls, porn was widely available on the internet. So I don't have any sort of nostalgia for the property. On top of that, the film just looks kinda...dumb? Like, the trailer had some funny lines here-and-there, and The Rock and Zac Efron have charm to spare, but will that be enough to save it?...
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The cast of Baywatch strips down in these new motion posters

Earlier this week, the BAYWATCH marketing departing tossed some character posters our way with the tagline, "Summer is coming." While the riff on Game of Thrones was appreciated, it was the cast in swimsuits that really caught one's attention. I'm guessing Paramount Pictures knows that all too well, as they've released a slew of motion posters that feature most...
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