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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: The Last Stand, Parker, True Blood ...

This week: Arny returns from his ancient slumber in The Last Stand, True Blood sucks more than just blood these days, and 1990's Captain America is back to remind us what Marvel movies used to look like. ► Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t really been a box office force for nearly 20 years -...
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Review: Beautiful Creatures

PLOT: Ethan ( Alden Ehrenreich ) is about to re-enter high school after his motherís tragic death. A sensitive soul, longing to escape his small town of Gatlin, his world is rocked by the arrival of Lena Duchannes ( Alice Englert ) - the mysterious niece of Macon Ravenwood ( Jeremy Irons ), whose family owns most of the land the town is built on. Ridiculed by her...
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New Beautiful Creatures featurette wants to fill the Twilight void in your heart

Look, it's easy to compare BEAUTIFUL CREATURES to Twilight, seeing as how both are based on teen fiction fantasy series that involve supernatural happenings getting all up in the grill of Young Love, and especially with writer/director Richard LaGravenese saying in the below featurette that it's "an adventure, but, most of all, a love story". That said, let's look at a few things the film...
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2013 Warner Bros Movie Preview!

I love this time of year mostly because it's a "fresh start" to the new year in movies. To that end, we'll be presenting all of the top studios' 2013 movie previews right here, including a picture from each film (if a photo is available), its release date, the plot synopsis along with our basic THUMBS UP ( we want to see this! ), THUMBS DOWN ( we do not want to see this! ) or QUESTION...
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New poster round-up: G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Stoker, The Master, and Beautiful Creatures

What do you give the movie that's in the midst of living through a nine-month postponement? A new poster, that's what. One with more Channing Tatum than the last one, as you'd expect considering one of the rumored reasons for G.I. JOE: RETALIATION's delay sudden and surprising delay .  And with more Bruce Willis, as you'd expect considering... how, by all accounts, the movie isn't...
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New trailer for YA adaptation Beautiful Creatures starring Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Irons, and Emma Thompson

Yesterday, you got your first look at THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES , a contender for the crown of TWILIGHT, and today we have a new trailer for BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, another young adult novel stepping into the ring to claim the title.† While the latest TWILIGHT film will no doubt rake in the cash this weekend, it's a bittersweet victory as the series comes to a close and these new...
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NYCC: An exclusive 1:1 with Beautiful Creatures director Richard LaGravenese

This winter, Warner Bros. will unleash what may just be the "next big thing" with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, a romantic fantasy based on the series of hugely successful young adult novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Directed by Richard LaGravenese, the film features a cast filled with screen veterans (Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis) and young blood (Alden Ehrenreich, Alice...
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The trailer for Beautiful Creatures wants to be the bridge between fans of Harry Potter and Twilight

Ever since HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCEROR'S STONE hit bookshelves in 1997 (15 years ago? Holy shit!), young adult publishing has been the biggest money-maker for publishers. Once TWILIGHT hit stores, the YA genre had to have some sort of fantasy romance tilt to it. Cinematically, not many franchises have made it to the upper echelon except for THE HUNGER GAMES. But, studios will...
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