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Watch our Oscar "Best Picture" Retrospective for 1999 (video)

In this new series we take a look at the Oscar nominations of years past, examining the flicks that were nominated, as well as the pic we feel got snubbed among all the other candidates. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Oscars usually highlight the best films from each year (although there are plenty that get overlooked) and it's always fun to look back and see what was popular for any given...
6 days ago
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A much shadier team assembles in WB Animation's Justice League Dark trailer

Last we heard, Colin Farrell was rumored to be up for a role in Doug Liman 's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK film and now, BAM!, here's a trailer for . . . a JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK animated movie? For those unaware, the story follows that of some of DC's shadier characters, like John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man, and Zatanna, among others, as they do . ....
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Batman & The Flash will have a "fascinating relationship" in Justice League

We certainly didn't have long to wait before Warner Bros. paired off two of their biggest heroes in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE earlier this year, but the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE will throw even more heroes into the mix including Batman ( Ben Affleck ), Superman ( Henry Cavill ), Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ), Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ) and The Flash ( Ezra...
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Joe Manganiello talks Deathstroke and new Bat-fleck film

So we know Joe Ma nganiello is going to be playing Deathstroke (basically the Senator Claghorn to Deadpool's Foghorn Leghorn), but we haven't heard much about his role in the film other than that he's the primary antagonist. Recently, however, Manganiello spoke on Mark Madden's podcast (of WWE) fame, and he had this to say: When I met Ben we sat...
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Ciarán Hinds cast as Justice League villain Steppenwolf

So, it's been confirmed: Steppenwolf - the horned guy shown in a deleted scene for BATMAN V SUPERMAN - will indeed be the primary antagonist in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. And none other than Ciarán Hinds (Satan from GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE) will be playing him. And, like Josh Brolin as Thanos in the MCU films, he'll be motion-captured. Now, I don't...
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Jeremy Irons talks Alfred & says there will be a "bit more" of him in Batman

Jeremy Irons had a lot to live up to when taking on the mantle of Alfred Pennyworth for the new series of Batman/Batman-related movies. Michael Caine won audiences' hearts with his version in the Christopher Nolan movies, and Irons really had to drive it home in order to sell this different version we saw in BVS. Needless to say he shot and scored, taking his job very...
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Easter Egg Countdown: BVS: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition (video)

One of the most divisive films of 2016, Zack Snyder 's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE entered the box office fray with high expectations as it kicked the DCEU into high gear, establishing new iterations of Batman ( Ben Affleck ), Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), and Lex Luthor ( Jesse Eisenberg ) with Superman ( Henry Cavill ) continuing his flight after MAN OF STEEL. Some loved it,...
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Lights Out's Teresa Palmer wants to be Talia al Ghul in Ben Affleck's Batman

Superhero movies are the big cheese right now, and everyone wants a taste. Performers big and small are campaigning for roles in the next big comic book blockbuster, some possibilities more exciting than others. But it's not in many instances we see stars campaigning for roles they technically already got. This is one of those instances. During an interview with Screen Rant ,...
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Zack Snyder shares a new look at Wonder Woman in Justice League

After BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE didn't spark the fire that Warner Bros. was hoping it would, they've undergone a little course correction with the remainder of the upcoming DCEU movies. Along with (hopefully) hearing our concerns about the franchise, it feels like Zack Snyder and company have been much more open about the various DCEU productions, which included a few...
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Joe Manganiello says production on The Batman will begin next spring

We've been hearing an awful lot of talk about Ben Affleck 's upcoming standalone Batman film, but very little of it has been official. We do know that Ben Affleck will direct and star in the film, as well as co-writing the screenplay with Geoff Johns, and that Joe Manganiello is set to appear as Deathstroke , but other than that, we don't have too much concrete...
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Weekend Box Office Report: October 14-16, 2016

The Accountant counts to 1! Ben Affleck 's autistic talents for calculations and assassinations put THE ACCOUNTANT on top at the box office this weekend with an estimated opening of $24.7 million ! The R-rated action-thriller from director Gavin O'Connor (WARRIOR) cost a reported $44 million to make. The original tale of math and murder (also...
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Review: The Accountant

PLOT: Christian Wolff ( Ben Affleck ) is a mathematical savant with high-functioning autism, who works as a forensic accountant. Pulling in big-bucks for his dangerous work un-cooking the books of the world’s deadliest criminals, he tries to lay low by taking what seems to be an honest job working at a robotics firm. Soon, an error in the books discovered by a low-level...
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