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Updated: Ben Affleck won't be returning as Batman, says brother Casey

Update:  Since Casey's appearance on the Dale & Holley with Keefe radio show, a representative of Affleck's reached out to Buzzfeed News and said,  “he was having fun with the folks at the Red Sox game — where he threw out the first pitch in support of the Jimmy Fund — and not speaking from a place of firsthand knowledge.” Shortly...
5 days ago
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Ben Affleck says Batman will be "more traditional" in Justice League

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN introduced us to a Batman we’d never seen before on screen, one filled with hate, anger and who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a few fools if necessary. He was unhinged, and though some fans enjoyed this grittier take others found the shift off-putting, preferring the more righteous version of the Caped Crusader. Those in the latter group will find their needs...
6 days ago
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Justice League will find Cyborg resenting what his father has done to him

Undergoing a traumatic reconstruction via Mother Box and being transformed into Cyborg would leave anyone feeling a bit out of sorts, so it's only natural that you would hold a little resentment towards the one who put you through the ordeal, and in the case of Cyborg/Victor Stone ( Ray Fisher ), that would be his father, Dr. Silas Stone ( Joe Morton ). Some time has passed since...
7 days ago
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Ben Affleck says Snyder and Whedon had different visions for Justice League

So JUSTICE LEAGUE is almost upon us. After many false starts and dashed hopes, it seems the movie is finally on its way. But it's not coming without some problems behind-the-scenes. This includes the family tragedy of Zack Snyder causing him to step down and have Joss Whedon stepping in, as well as a prolonged - and expensive - re-shooting schedule (which includes the story...
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Justice League actor says reshoots included readjusting tone of Cyborg

After it was reported that the JUSTICE LEAGUE reshoots had been underway for much longer than anticipated , and were costing a staggering $25 million, the speculation train began chugging as to why such a simple process became such an endeavor. Though the odds of them adding a GAME OF THRONES-esque dragon battle is out of the cards, we now know at least one aspect of the reshoots...
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Batman will have a ridiculously huge plane in Justice League

At some point, Bruce Wayne ( Ben Affleck ) obviously had so much money that he said, " screw it, let's build a three-story plane and stick my Batmobiles in there. " Bruce Wayne's predilection for wonderful toys is obviously alive and well and Zack Snyder 's upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE will feature a whopper: the Flying Fox. Production designer  Patrick Tatopoulos...
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Kiersey Clemons says Iris West's intro in Justice League is "f@cking sick"

JUSTICE LEAGUE won’t only see big heroes like Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ), The Flash ( Ezra Miller ) and Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ) being introduced into the DCEU, but also smaller character like Jim Gordon ( J.K. Simmons ). Iris West is among that group, with Kiersey Clemons will be playing the love interest of Miller’s Flash, and if the actress is to be believed the character...
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Justice League's Ray Fisher & Ezra Miller play with their toys in new promo

With the release of the JUSTICE LEAGUE this fall, an onslaught of merchandise will accompany the film, including clothes, posters, collectibles and, the Holy Grail, action figures. Any cool child remembers having a box full of them, and the giddy excitement of playing with opposable action heroes never fades away. Just take a look at Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg)...
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Joe Manganiello doesn't seem sure about Deathstroke's status in The Batman

Warner Bros.' DCEU has been experiencing quite an overhaul this past year, including a major restructuring of THE BATMAN. In addition to starring in the film, Ben Affleck was also set to co-write and direct THE BATMAN, but Affleck later dropped out of the director's chair and was replaced by Matt Reeves (WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES). At the time it seemed that Reeves...
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Affleck & Damon were given a pilot order from Showtime for City on a Hill

It looks as if Mattfleck are at it again, folks! That's right, and this time Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are teaming up with Gavin O' Connor after landing a pilot order at Showtime for a 1990s-set gun violence drama called CITY ON A HILL. O' Connor will direct the pilot with LOGAN's James Mangold set as the...
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Zack Snyder's role in the future of the DCEU may be significantly smaller

Zack Snyder has been the primary creative force behind the DCEU since MAN OF STEEL, but according to a report by Mashable , that may no longer be the case as the franchise moves forward. Not every fan has embraced Snyder's handling of the franchise, and although MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE have certainly made Warner Bros. money, they haven't exactly...
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I Want That: Batman's Justice League Tactical Batsuit from Hot Toys

With billions of dollars at his disposal, it's no surprise that Bruce Wayne/Batman ( Ben Affleck ) frequently trots out new and specialized versions of his iconic Batsuit, which is certainly a good thing for those in the toy industry. Hot Toys, one of the best in the business, has released a handful of images of their take on one of Batman's new outfits, the Tactical Batsuit,...
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