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The UnPopular Opinion: Warcraft

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** We as movie fans have been spoiled. Prior to the 21st...
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Interview: Jeff Bridges & Ben Foster talk Hell or High Water!

: By the time I finally took in the amazing HELL OR HIGH WATER, I was a little nervous about all the hype. What if it didn't pay off as well as I'd hoped. Thankfully, this fantastic tale of two brothers in desperate times is very likely one of this year's best. Filled with great performances from Jeff Bridges , Chris Pine and  Ben Foster , the David Mackenzie...
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Review: Inferno

PLOT: Robert Langdon ( Tom Hanks ) wakes up with a major head-wound in a hospital in Florence, Italy, with no memory of the last forty-eight hours. On the run from assassins and the authorities, Langdon teams-up with a young MD ( Felicity Jones ) to find-out why he’s being chased, with the answer having something to do with a billionaire’s scheme to cull the world’s...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Ron Howard

Last week, we went into the long, extremely badass career of actor Ian McShane . This week’s subject started out in-front of the camera, but found his place as an A-list director, producing a superb body of work that’s going into its third decade now... Ron Howard Many of you younger readers may not realize Ron Howard was already famous as an...
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Exclusive: Go behind the scenes with Garona in this Warcraft Blu-ray feature

For our Blu-ray collectors out there, the latest video game-turned-movie hits Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow in a spiffy, feature-filled set. I'm of course referring to Duncan Jones ' latest opus, WARCRAFT. This fantasy epic follows an Orc horde as they invade the planet Azeroth, starting a war with the resident humans and some dissenting Orcs who truly know what's at stake. If...
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Duncan Jones speaks candidly about Warcraft's failure and a sequel

WARCRAFT didn't exactly break the mold of video games-turned-films, but it does have its audience (mostly in China). Still, the film hardly churned out the profits studios were hoping for, and director Duncan Jones acknowledges as much in a recent interview with Thrillist . It's a good read, for those interested, and while he doesn't come out and bash WARCRAFT or anything...
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Netflix may have revealed The Punisher series to debut in 2017

Last month at Comic Con, I was in the audience when Jon Bernthal dropped in to tease the upcoming standalone series featuring The Punisher. Bernthal was one of the major highlights of Daredevil's second season which made it exciting to learn that Frank Castle would finally get a showcase the iconic character has long deserved. But, with Luke Cage premiering next month and Iron...
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Review: Hell or High Water

PLOT: Two brothers plan a string of bank robberies in order to pay off the mortgage on their family farm while a marshal on the verge of retirement tracks them down. REVIEW: HELL OR HIGH WATER tells the simplest, most predictable tale possible and manages to keep us riveted every step of the way. Two brothers rob banks, not exactly gracefully, while a gruff old lawman on the...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Jeff Bridges

Last week , we took a look at the career of actor Colin Farrell . This week’s subject is Farrell’s co-star from 2009’s CRAZY HEART... Jeff Bridges A few weeks ago, I profiled the movie BLOWN AWAY as part of my new column, “ The Best Movie You Never Saw. ” Throughout the review, I kept going-on about how good Jeff Bridges was and...
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Ron Howard on why he skipped over The Lost Symbol in favor of Inferno

Ron Howard 's adaptations of Dan Brown's hugely popular series of novels centering around Harvard symbology expert Robert Langdon haven't exactly kept to the same order as the books. The first film (THE DA VINCI CODE) was based on the second book while the second film (ANGELS & DEMONS) was based on the first. Dan Brown's fourth novel in the series is the basis of...
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Inferno trailer is much more exciting than those other Dan Brown adaptations

It hasn't been a smooth transition for Robert Lang don as the character has been adapted from the page to the screen. With THE DA VINCI CODE, everyone thought things would be fine, because Tom Hanks was taking on the role. However, the bigger challenge has been making the books into exciting motion pictures, something director Ron Howard has had real trouble doing. ...
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Review: Warcraft

PLOT: Worlds collide when an army of orcs flee their dying land and encroach on a civilization of humans. REVIEW: For a movie about mystical realms, fantastical creatures and great battles between man and monster, WARCRAFT is disappointingly short on imagination and enjoyment. It's a movie only a console could love: Practically every frame is filled to the brim with CG...
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