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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Our Favorite Films of 2012! The Hobbit & Flight Reviewed!

Our Best Films of 2012! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Last week was all about Jimmy O and Chris Bumbray's Best of the year lists, this week we get our say. Law and Moreno count down their respective Top Ten of 2012 lists and try to screw it up as little as possible. There's some late entries, some movies get shuffled around,...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Jimmy O vs. Chris Bumbray in the Battle of the Best Films of the Year!

JoBlo.com's Best of 2012 with Jimmy O and Chris Bumbray! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Jimmy O and Chris Bumbray have been the leading film reviewers for JoBlo.com for years. They consider themselves friends and great colleagues but have never had the opportunity to actually sit down and speak to each other about movies. Now...
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