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Awfully Good: Santa's Slay

Santa's Slay (2005) Director: David Steiman Stars: Bill Goldberg, Emilie de Ravin, Douglas Smith After losing a bet a thousand years ago, the Santa we know has only been forced to be nice to everyone on Christmas. Now his time delivering presents is up and everyone everywhere is on the Naughty List. Any movie that sets Fran Drescher...
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Ink & Pixel: Looney Tunes: Back In Action

Ink & Pixel is a source of pride and joy for me as a writer and as such, I'm always striving to take this column further for those who read and enjoy it. In an effort to widen the reach of our continuously growing fan-base, Ink & Pixel has broadened its horizons with the inclusion of films from the Horror, Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Additionally, if you yourself, or anyone...
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Warner Bros. may be looking to make a Speedy Gonzales animated feature

It's a tough world out there for some classic Looney Tunes characters to exist and resonate with young audiences. The way we think about these characters from a bygone era has changed, and so it makes it difficult to look at the characteristics of what made many of them popular and see where they might fit into our modern-day sensibilities. Yosemite Sam is a bit of a chain smoker,...
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Nine Legends trailer steps between the ropes to profile wrestling greats

As a fan of professional wrestling (or sports entertainment, if you want to call it that), I am always fascinated listening to those who have played an integral part in the industry sharing their knowledge of the business with the world. They've got stories to tell from the road. They have an understanding of the power of what they do and how vested in it the fans can get. They also...
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