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Keanu Reeves teases more details on Bill & Ted 3

Fans have been waiting for a third installment of BILL & TED for quite some time, and despite the yearly reassurances that " they're working on it, " I'd imagine that most of you aren't holding your breath. Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter certainly seem happy to return as the excellent duo, and Reeves recently teased a few detail about the potential...
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Keanu Reeves says they're trying to get the story right for Bill & Ted 3

It's been about a year since Alex Winter said they’ll either be shooting BILL & TED 3 soon, or it’s never going to happen, but the project is still in the works, and Keanu Reeves recently gave an update on the long-in-development threequel during an interview with IGN . Back in 2014, Reeves told the site “we’re closer, but we’re not...
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Here is a most excellent update from Keanu Reeves on Bill & Ted 3

Hey dudes! Want a most excellent update on Bill & Ted 3? Actually this isn't excellent, rad, or bodacious. After talking about a third installment over the past few years, the story is still needing adjustments. Last we heard from Alex Winter was that the script was getting some rewrites and that's the only update he had. When Keanu Reeves was recently asked about the third...
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