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Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes film Rules Don't Apply releases new trailer

Howard Hughes is an intriguing figure. Not only did he get the lavish, big-budget biopic treatment from none other than Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio  in THE AVIATOR (also co-starring Alec Baldwin in a supporting role), but even Christopher Nolan himself wanted to get in on that Hughes action at some point . And it's easy to see why: Hughes was a...
22 hours ago
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Jennifer Lawrence to play Zelda Fitzgerald in Ron Howard biopic

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Batman, Adolf Hitler and Scooby-Doo. These are all characters and historical figures that Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect to play. Why? Because she can do anything. She can literally play anything between a cartoon dog and a genocidal dictator, and that includes the newest role she’s been cast in. According to THR , the Oscar-winning actress and box...
3 days ago
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Tom Hardy takes on biopic about Arctic explorer Ernest Shackleton

The story of Ernest Shackleton is begging to be a movie. He was a tough explorer who made three expeditions to the Antarctic, which would honestly be badass enough. However, he's most famously known for his trip with the ship the Endurance, where it was crushed by ice, yet Shackleton was still able to get out alive with all of his crew in sub-zero temperatures. Damn. Many...
7 days ago
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Michelle Williams in talks to play Janis Joplin

Over the decades there have been many attempts at getting a biopic centering around American musician Janis Joplin off the ground, often with competing projects in development at once, but it seems as though one of them is finally moving forward. Variety reports that Michelle Williams (MY WEEK WITH MARILYN) is currently in talks to play the title role in Sean Durkin 's (MARTHA...
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Nicholas Hoult charges in to play Nikola Tesla in The Current War

  I've always been fascinated by Nikola Tesla. He seems like he was the world's first real mad scientist, with the Tesla Coil looking like some sort of Doomsday Weapon (and he actually did theorize on things like particle beam weapons ). Which is strange that we haven't seen more films focused on him, minus of course David Bowie 's take in the...
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Jared Leto cast as Andy Warhol in the cleverly-titled biopic Warhol

After unsuccessfully playing a real person in CHAPTER 27 (where he famously got gout trying to go "method" by gaining weight to play Mark David Chapman), Jared Leto is going to give the biopic game another go. And it seems Leto's going to be playing a role that's a little closer-to-home, namely another pretentious weirdo, Andy Warhol. Also...
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First look at Woody Harrelson in Rob Reiner's LBJ biopic

I have a soft spot for Rob Reiner . I love SPINAL TAP with all of my being (probably helps having been in a metal band myself), as well as PRINCESS BRIDE, STAND BY ME, and countless others. Hell, even NORTH isn't as bad as it's reputation (not saying it's good, just that it's not the worst thing ever). Which is why I'm looking forward to his new...
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Chris Cooper stars as J.D. Salinger in Coming Through the Rye

People have been trying to adapt J.D. Salinger's CATCHER IN THE RYE for decades. It's understandable, as it's a novel that perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to be a teenager -- trying to feel like an adult while still struggling with adolescent tendencies and biases. It's also over 200 pages of self-pitying unfiltered angst. So, depending on how you look at...
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Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke to co-star in horror-thriller Winchester

The story of the Winchester Mansion is a fascinating one, and one that could be the basis of a pretty good movie. The idea that the heiress of a fortune built on the Winchester rifle would go insane with guilt at all the people her husband's invention killed is interesting, and a potentially meaty role for an actress to sink her teeth into. And with Helen Mirren cast as the...
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Wrestling biopic Crossface coming from director Lexi Alexander

I don't know much about wrestling. I mean, I respect it (while fake, it still takes athleticism to pull off), but it's just not my thing. I did enjoy the WWE Smackdown games though, but only because you could create your own characters. Like having Mario wrestle Batman for the title belt. Or being able to beat the shit out of your friend by proxy This brings us to...
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Gary Oldman to play Winston Churchill in new Joe Wright film Darkest Hour

Wow! Gary Oldman will be playing none other than Winston Churchill in the new film DARKEST HOUR from director Joe Wright (PAN). This won't be the first time Gary Oldman has been cast cast as an historical figure (having played Lee Harvey Oslward in JFK, Beethoven in IMMORTAL BELOVED, and Sid Vicious in SID AND NANCY), and he's always knocked it out of...
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It's Cage vs. Shark in new trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

You know, of all the Nicolas Cage disasters that have been coming out the last few years (looking at you STOLEN and PAY THE GHOST), this seems like it would be one of his least disastrous. The plot of his new movie USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE is actually a good one. It tells the story of the USS Indianapolis that was shot down in open waters by the...
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