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Nicholas Hoult will become author JD Salinger for Rebel in the Rye

There is a JD Salinger biopic in the works, and Nicholas Hoult is game for the title role. Earlier today, Hoult was announced to be taking the part of the legendary author responsible for the classic CATCHER IN THE RYE in a new film from Danny Strong titled REBEL IN THE RYE. Strong will be getting behind the camera, in addition to have written the script, for the film set to...
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C'mon Hollywood: Stop making lazy spoofs and parodies!

I want to be a filmmaker. After going to school and writing, editing and learning how lights and a camera work, I have made the choice to follow that passion for the rest of my life. Perhaps that's why seeing these parody films today is so enraging. Knowing that there are people out there getting to live their dream by making shit like A HAUNTED HOUSE and THE STARVING GAMES truly pains...
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